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welcome to sajjanpur hindi movie reviews

Sajjanpur is small north Indian village where alphabets and letters are still the only mode people use to communicate, here power cuts are daily in life and riding a bike or two-wheeler is like a huge dream. This movie is an authentic rural setting where after a long period of time we have a film which is completely in the Hindi heartland other than Malamaal weekly and Omkara.

Mahadev (Shreyas Talpade) is an aspiring novelist. He earns his living by reading and writing letters for the illiterate poor villagers. Through these letters one gets to know the life stories of the film's dozen odd characters.

And in this story, director Shyam Benegal has chosen to touch the rural India's top issues such as widow remarriage, caste politics and superstition. This goes on right till the end where a good ten minutes are utilized to explain what happened to the various characters that were forgotten in the course of the film.
Welcome to Sajjanpur rests upon Shreyas Talpade's hands as he is seen in almost every frame of the film.

Amrita Rao has a very likable role in the film. There are some supporting casts which are true to their characters with each actor delivering fabulous performances. Kunal Kapoor have been seen in many films to have a guest appearance just like in his one.

It is a simple story is but unnecessarily stretched to almost three hours. Though it is far more superior to most films you see every week.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Diya Mirza has turned bad

Known for her Ms Goody Image Diya Mirza is enjoying being bad.

In Suparn Verma's flick Acid Factory she is playing a girl who is locked up in a factory with four men with apparently no way out. There she’s being made to do the impossible stunts. Actress Diya Mirza is the only woman in the entire script. "What I enjoy is being one of the boys. I'm doing everything that the boys are being made to do. And that includes all the stunts.

After playing dainty utterly feminine roles I'm enjoying being put on a harness dangling from ropes, jumping from heights, kicking and punching. In spite of my dainty image I've always been a tomboy. "

What Diya enjoys more is being mean.”My character is bad through and through. No apologies. No justification. She just enjoys being bad.

I like bringing that dark side of me out on screen because there's way I can tap into it in real life. I like the surprise element in my role in Acid Factory. I remember seeing a film with Julia Roberts where she was a schoolteacher by day and quite naughty in the night."

She has just finished shooting for shoe bite.” In Shoe bite most of my vital scenes are with Mr. Bachchan. And believe me it was like going to acting school. He taught me one thing I'll never forget. 'To be a good actor you've to be a good listener.' I'm going to follow that mantra, “says Diya.

"It was hard for me to come out and play the aggressive bad girl in Acid Factory or be part of the goofy comedy in Kunal Vijaykar's Fruit & Nut. I'm basically quiet and shy. I like to read and write."

Written By Huma Warsi
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Mallika Sherawat’s prices falls

Recently Mallika had two back to back failures i.e. Ugly Aur Pagli and Maan Gaye Mughal-E-Azam and this have brought Bollywood Actress Mallika Sherawat's soaring market price down!

A source revealed, "She had begun quoting 1 to 1.5 crore per bollywood film post the success of Welcome. She was expecting both Ugly Aur Pagli and MGMA to become hits but well fate had something else in store for her.

Not only both these films flopped badly but also got her acting severe criticism from all quarters! This has been a major set back for her in terms of demanding the price she wanted for herself.

Now with these two massive flops in a row, producers are being vary of negotiating any price with her beyond Rs, 75 lakhs. Bollywood Actress Mallika too has been left with no choice but comply with it without being the snooty self that she had been for last few months!"

The source further added, "Mallika was offered a film by Zee Group to be directed by Tigmanshu Dhulia few months back. It was a solo lead role and Mallika had quoted Rs. 1.5 crore as her acting fees.

That time the Zee officials decided to take some time to come back to her as the script too was yet to be completed. But now just a few days back. The Zee guys went back again with a complete bound script to Mallika.

It is learnt that they both have mutually agreed on a price of Rs. 75 lakhs for the bollywood film. The shooting for the film will begin in 2008 end."

Written By Huma Warsi
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Rakhi Sawant proposes Salman Khan

Rakhi will be rakhi and sweet but bold. Recently on the grand finale of Dus Ka Dum the sensuous item girl Rakhi popped a question ‘Marry me’

Rakhi Sawant at last proposed to Salman in 'Dus Ka Dum'! According to a press statement Rakhi also produced a ring just after asking Salman to marry her.

During the grand finale of the 'Nach Baliye 3', last year, when Salman khan was the chief guest, Rakhi was not there as she had had walked away from the sets in a huff.

Rakhi had lost against Sanjeeda Sheikh and Aamir Ali in the show last year and stormed off the stage with her beau Abhishek Awasthi. Even though Salman followed her to pacify her, but she snubbed him and drove off soon in her car.

Salman was apparently shocked and miffed with her after that. But since that she was invited to his show, Salman forgave the controversy queen.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Shah Rukh's all smoke but no fire

The Punjab government is denying reports saying it knew nothing about the matter and had not complained about it to the union health ministry that Bollywood king Shah Rukh Khan was found smoking in the campus of a Sikh institution in Amritsar on Thursday. "No report had been sent by the Punjab government to the union health ministry," Punjab's Health Minister Laxmi Kanta Chawla told.

"I don't know where these reports are coming from. We have not filed any complaint (against Khan). I have again just checked up with the health director. I cannot even say anything about whether he smoked there or not," Chawla said.

College functionaries said they were shown a picture of the superstar smoking but still were not sure if the campus in the background was of their college.

"We pointed out that the photograph did not look like that of the college. We have nothing more to say on this," a functionary said.

Despite all these reports, no Sikh organization in Amritsar or elsewhere in Punjab has protested against Khan's alleged act.
King Khan has been shooting in the Amritsar for the Hindi film "Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi".

Written By Huma Warsi
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The Last Lear premieres in Delhi

The premiere in Mumbai of Amitabh Bachchan-starrer 'The Last Lear' put off and cancelled after Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) attacked the cinema hall where the film was to be screened, but Mr. Big B and his entire film crew is ready for the red carpet scheduled to on Thursday. The premiere at some Selected City PVR Multiplex will be a glittering affair and producer Arindam Chaudhuri, director Rituparno Ghosh and Amitabh and rest of the cast except Preity Zinta will attended the same.

'Delhi premiere is not the last minute decision. We had planned three premieres of the film - Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Mr. Bachchan is excited about the Delhi premiere of 'The Last Lear',' Amit Saxena, president strategy team Planman Motion Pictures, told us. He also says that the incident has not at all disrupted the publicity or the screening plans. 'There is hardly any change in the publicity campaign or the release schedule. Unexpected things came up and we had to deal with it. Anyway, Raj Thackeray has accepted Mr. Bachchan's apology so that the controversy is over,' said Saxena.

MNS chief Raj Thackeray had called for a ban on the screening of films starring any of the Bachchan family as a protest against actress and MP Jaya Bachchan's alleged 'anti-Marathi' remarks at the music release function of Drona.

Written By Huma Warsi
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The Last Lear premieres off due to threat

Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) activists this Wednesday attacked a cinema hall where movie "The Last Lear" was to premiere, which forced authorities to off the eve function.

"Yes, the Mumbai premiere has been cancelled but now we plan to have a grand affair in Delhi," the production house of the film.
MNS chief Raj Thackeray called for a ban on the screening of the movies starring any of the Bachchan family showing it a protest against actress and MP Jaya Bachchan's alleged "anti-Marathi" remarks.

MNS activists attacked the PVR property in Juhu in the afternoon and also tore posters of "The Last Lear". But Jaya has apologized for her remark but the MNS has refused to accept her apology.

"Film producers invest millions in making a film and spend volumes of money on publicity. Due to some unfortunate incident, a film shouldn't be dragged into any controversy," Chaudhuri was quoted as saying. "The release can't be delayed! My Mumbai collections will suffer greatly. Since it is a multiplex release, Mumbai and Delhi are my main markets. In fact, my profits will be affected as 40 percent of the collections come from Mumbai alone," he had said.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Amitabh Bachchan apologizes for Jaya’s anti Marathi remark

Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan this Wednesday evening apologized to all on behalf of his entire family for the controversy that started out with his wife Jaya Bachchan's alleged anti-Marathi remarks.

He expressed "pain and regrets" at events and controversies of the past four days. Amitabh Bachchan termed Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief head Raj Thackeray, who started out everything and had criticized Jaya and sought apology and sating him as his "brother". Soon after he returned from London on Tuesday midnight following a shooting stint abroad he was found interacting with media persons.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Shahid Kapur injured on sets of Kaminay

Bollywood cutest actor Shahid Kapur has recently suffered the maximum number of injuries sets of Vishal Bharadwaj's coming up "Kaminay".

"Shahid has got injured six times. First he had hurt his wrist and had to be rushed to the physiotherapist. In another scene that involved skidding, Shahid got badly bruised. He has just been getting one injury after another," said someone close to shahid.

Earlier, both Shahid Kapoor and his co-star in the film Priyanka Chopra fell from the bike while they were on the shoot of the film in Pune. Both were riding the bike on a slope which was slightly muddy when the bike skidded and fell on top of them. Both of the actors received cuts and bruises.

Written By Prachi Mehta
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Deepal Shaw mistaken for a house maid

A Wednesday’s lead heroine, Deepal Shaw turned shocked by the incident where she was mistaken for a house maid.

One of Deepal’s friend told us, “Deepal had gone visiting another friend’s house and as she boarded the lift, two more ladies hopped in. Very casually dressed in a Salwar Kameez, Deepal was her normal self sans make up. Both the ladies looked at her up and down and enquired with her whose house was she going to? When she told her friend’s name, they immediately replied back, ‘Oh so you are doing their house work. We are short of a house maid too. Can you manage to do it for us? If not then do you know any of your friend who can do it? We shall pay good money.’ Hearing this Deepal could simply not react and giving a half smile she instantly hoped out as soon as her floor came.”

The friend also added, “Deepal shared this incident with all of us her friends and was very embarrassed about it. But she didn’t feel angry about the two ladies and she told us that may be they were too much engrossed in themselves and their problems in hunting the right maid that they failed to recognize her.”

Written By Huma Warsi
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Sanjay Dutt to pen down his life story

Nargis and Sunil Dutt’s only son, Sanjay Dutt has suffered trying times. His luck has never been so easy and working as majority of actors enjoy. To sanju the verdict has always fell like a thunder bolt. Most-of-times, he had to justify his errors before the court, sometimes he had to serve in prison as well. When he was at the peak of fame he was imprisoned. Otherwise, he would have been Tom Cruise of Bollywood.

To arrange the shattered beads of his life into a chain, sanju has decided to pen down autobiography. However, the idea to write one ,has been set afloat by his wife Manyata who has motivated sanju to pen down his life story. Sanju, every now and then writes something or another out of his lifetime experience into it. But as he is one the busiest actors he secures less time but he does.
On the other hand, Manyata is also busy in talking to publishers, who have queued before sanju’s house to get all the publishing rights. The publishers have to wait because sanju baba would certainly take much time.
The autobiography by sanju would certainly be a curtain-raiser from the hard and happy times sanju has been through, and people would see the man inside.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Geeta Basra Undergoes a Surgery

As it is well said “Even caring something more than needed, is harmful”. So that happened to Geeta Basra. Geeta, in order to bring her body into a good shape, visits gym much often. When she was doing exercise a weight dropped on her foot, causing it damaged to leave Geeta stay indoors for almost a fortnight after going a small bone operation. She was taken to surprise when she come to realize what actually she has been through her experience’s itself a tale to tell. She said “It was awful; I don’t know what hit me. For a moment I just blanked.” She further clarified as “accident proof “; never have had an accident.

To Geeta’s surprise the operation was much horrifying. According to her, as a person never been operated for anything:” I was carried to an operation theatre with a friend helping me through”, to add some insomnia to her already sunken heart “The operation theatre had all the gadgetry”. Resultantly, the procedure and stuff was not short of surprise to Geeta. According to her she was really thrilled at times.

Whatsoever, as she has been advised to stay abed for a fortnight. She has made plans to spend her “precious 15” with visiting friends and bulk of DVDs she could not find time for. Furthermore, she walks the Mumbai roads again that she always longed to.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Priyanka is scared to walk the ramp

Priyanka chopra, the former miss India and with a hit list of movies has been a model who has done catwalk on the ramp countless times. Now she pretends “fear to walk the ramp”. She uses goose bumps .She has done numerous times for none other than Ritu Kumar, a reliable name in fashion world. Priyanka discloses her fears when she says "I am not a ramp-friendly person, as professionally I have walked the runway just for a couple of months. You can say I am out of practice”.

Nowadays, as she has been busy and counted among lead actresses of bollywood, she has no time for fashion world. Although she visits fashion shows but to honor the designers who have a mind to give their vogues some response for professionals. She walks ramp only for friends. So how could that be possible for her to walk the ramp for professional reasons? She almost cherishes a bid adieu to ramp.

Priyanka looked rarely beautiful in the traditional dresses. She was walking the ramp for Ritu Kumar. She spoke of Ritu’s outfits “"Her collection has always been elegant. It's understated and yet makes one look stunning and beautiful”.
As everybody watches promos about her new flick “Fashion”, in which she is playing a fashion diva.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Shahid and Priyanka caught

It’s really funny to see how two people broken heart come together! We got news those theses days Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra are having a great bonding. Theses two are working in Vishal Bharadwaj’s coming up film Kameenay. We got news from onlookers that they are getting along quite well. You know? Just few days’ back piggy baby and cute Shahid was seen driving a white Mercedes. Another tit bit for you and that too an interesting one is priyanka has moved to a place near Shahid Kapoor’s house somewhere in Andheri.

Yes of course, might be the two must have started some sort of a carpool and were just dropping each other home from the sets you know just to save some petrol money. But Shahid, sweetie if I remember correctly, you got into quite a situation the last time a lady decided to get into your car. [MUST READ: When Shahid took Vidya home] And that poor girl kept on denying the ‘rumours’. So just be careful or you would get into the flash again.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Will Kangana Ranaut go bald for Rs. 1 crore?

Kangana’s first South Indian language flick, Dhaam Dhoom (Tamil) opened to packed houses just some weeks back. It was an action packed thriller with a suspense ending, and was entirely shot on virgin locations in Russia. The film is being appreciated and so is Kangana’s work.

South filmmakers are impressed by her work and are offering her big projects with top most stars of the South Indian film industry. Our source informs, “A prominent Tamil production house has approached Kangana with a highest price offered to her till date in her career. But with a condition that she should feature in this action thriller film in a bald state for a few. Kangana is considering it a go ahead but not or the price, she feels that the role is a very challenging one.

Kangana always accepts challenges and one might see her signing on the dotted line soon. Her role in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Fashion is based on the Delhi based, infamous model Geetanjali.

To get the better authenticity for the look of a road side beggar addicted to drugs in some portions of the film she went to great lengths.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Kareena excited to shoot with Aamir Khan on her birthday

Bollywood sexy actress Kareena Kapoor has many good reasons to look forward to her birthday on Sep 21 and one of them is the shooting with Aamir Khan who is her favorite actor.

”On my birthday I will be shooting for Rajkumar Hirani’s ‘Three Idiots’ in Ladakh. And the best part is that I will be shooting with my favorite actor, Aamir Khan,” Kareena said. Apart from her busy schedule she remained tight-lipped about her personal life.” My personal life is personal,” she said. “I am not irritated. But these things are personal. You guys (media) keeps hovering around us and keep taking pictures wherever we go.”

Kareena, whose latest film “Tashan” didnt do well among the audiences, seemed upbeat about her forthcoming animation film with Saif titled “Roadside Romeo”. ”The reaction to the trailers of ‘Roadside Romeo’ is just great. In fact, when I saw the rushes in the theatre myself, I told Jugal (Hansraj) that we should make the film with real characters also because it is such a fun film,” she said. For “Roadside Romeo”, Kareena and Saif have lent their voices to animation characters.

The film is written and directed by debutante Jugal Hansraj, is a co-production of Yash Raj Films and the Walt Disney Company.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Muzaffar Ali very upset with Amitabh Bachchan

It seems these days Amitabh Bachchan is rubbing everyone the wrong way. After the famous Jaya Bachchan-Raj Thackeray controversy for which Big B had to apologize, it is now filmmaker Muzaffar Ali, who is very upset with him and the reason is Amitabh Bachchan’s get-up in The Last Lear, which, the filmmaker feels is based on his appearance and mannerisms.

According to a newspaper, the soft-spoken director took an offence about the film and its characters during the making Rituparno Ghosh initially tried to pacify the filmmaker Muzaffar Ali but when he refused to calm down, the director told him that he is behaving like Raj Thackeray. This further annoyed the old filmmaker’s ire. Ali said he was angry as he felt he should’ve been informed if a character was being based on him. He also criticized Amitabh saying that he should at least have some courtesy to call him before playing the character. Rituparno Ghosh has made it clear that the character of the old actor in ‘The Last Lear’ is not based on Muzaffar Ali. Let’s see now, what more the Big B has to say, more apologies perhaps!

Written By Huma Warsi
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Akshay desperately wants Katrina

The action hero Akshay Kumar is a hit scorer nowadays. He is become a box-office darling with all the hits. He one such fabulous actor who can turn any pale and dull script into a massive entertaining piece. After tasting huge success in acting, the actor is all set to flourish in the field of production.

He has acted with many Bollywood top actors but his pairing is being much appreciated with eternal beauty queen Katrina Kaif. To carry on with the successful female lead, Akshay is keen and ready to cast Katrina Kaif opposite him in his debut production, De Dhana Dhan.

"The film is special to me, and I feel the audience likes seeing us together on screen," he said on his decision to cast Katrina. Akki is now a successful actor and if he approaches any actresses, they would definitely love to play his ladylove but his more desirable actress to cast is Kats.

Katrina's calendar is blocked with no dates but when Akki approached her, she is ready to manage dates for him. Katrina kaif has been his lucky mascot and Akshay wishes to continue with Kat even though he has many other options. Now with this we hope the duo sizzles in the long run too.

Written By Huma Warsi
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John strikes another goal but defeats Salman Khan

Bollywood’s famous Khan, Salman has one more name emblazoned in his hit list nowadays. After two people Vivek Oberoi and Shah Rukh Khan it is now John Abraham who will face the loathing of Bollywood’s macho man, Salman. John has successfully bagged an endorsement deal of an international energy drink recently. The big buzz is that the advertisement was initially proposed to Salman, but because of some date problems he kept it on a long hold.

The officials of the energy drink were in a hurry and wanted to begin the promotional campaigns soon. That’s why they had initially planned on shooting the commercials with Salman. But, Sallu’s date diaries were apparently jammed, as he was busy shooting for ‘London Dreams’ and ‘Yuvraj’. However, the producers of the ad campaign first approached Salman Khan for an adjustment but to their surprise he quoted an even higher price. Then the annoyed officials then approached John and signed the deal at a much lower price than what Salman had been offered and hence Sallu was miffed with John.

Guess what’s Salman’s take on this? He feels that the brand officials showed lack of professionalism. Anyway, forget the deal; John has definitely bagged a high alert situation!

Written By Huma Warsi
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Deepika with Her Ex Boyfriend

Model-and now well known-actress Deepika Padukone is again in the limelight, for she was spotted with Her Ex Boyfriend. She was sharing a meal with her ex boyfriend Nihar Pandya, at the Royal China restaurant in Bandra. Deepika’s current beau, Ranbir Kapoor is away as he is shooting in Ooty. The hot and sexy babe Deepika and Nihar are known to have been in a loving relationship since her modeling days, but soon after the success of Farah Khan’s Om Shanti Om, she moved out of Nihar Pandya’s life. According to an eye witness, Deepika and Nihar were so engrossed in chatting with each other that they sat in a corner of the restaurant for two hours, without bothering about the other people. The story is more, Ranbir kapoor also did the similar thing, by recently attending a party, with his dear friend Sonam Kapoor, and when Deepika was out of town. This posh Chinese restaurant is a favorite haunt of Ranbir and Deepika and the two are often seen in this restaurant when they are not in town.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Hrithik nowadays chews anti-smoking chewing gum

After Shahrukh Khan being in the buzz it’s now Hrithik Roshan who is flashing the news headlines for smoking. But when Shahrukh is in favor of smoking, Hrithik opposes it. Hrithik has a clean and clear picture in the film industry for not holding any butts in films or in parties and social gatherings. By this positive angle, a pharmaceutical company has approached him for the endorsement of anti-smoking chewing gum. He is in talk with the company that as Hrithik is the only choice for them and would sign the contract soon with him after he returns from New Mexico. It is learnt that they are planning many ads with him for print and electronic media both.

A source revealed, "Pfizer is planning to launch anti smoking chewing gum in the country. They are in talks with Hrithik to endorse the product. Once Hrithik gives his approval, they plan to break into a huge campaign. Hrithik doesn't smoke and advocates anti smoking to all his close friends and family."

The source also added, "Hrithik has a clean image in the industry. Also kids form a huge part of his fan base. Endorsing an anti-smoking product would only enhance his image and help him draw in more crowds. Hope, Hrithik’s product may appeal the youths.

Written By Huma Warsi
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