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Minissha Lamba lost in sea during Kidnap shooting

Minissha lamba has just been added to the bollywood bikini list; was reported to be lost to the sea during KIDNAP shoot. The sea currents left her as far as her movies left at a certain distance on box-office.

Minissha nurtures an adventurous nature .Everyone knows that especially when it comes to sea she is so much of a water baby. Her upcoming much talked about flick KIDNAP has the scenes in Mauritius where she was supposed to be shot in sea as well. When the crew was shooting in sea and she was left into sea with her swim suit; she was much absorbed into her mid-swim that she did not notice how far she has been taken by the currents.

The cameraman was the first who voiced his concern about her disappearance after realizing her absence in the frame. So it was enough to let the crew is panicked. The crew along with director Sanjay Gadhavi located her after a spell of ten minutes. She was fetched ashore by a speedboat. But to our surprise Manissha did not realize that entire how she was waved away and not even was surprised how the crew was worried about her “being taken away from shores”.

Director Sanjay Gadhavi said ''It was scary to say the least but all's well that ends well!''

KIDNAP is said to have a something special in, the movie has Sanjay Dutt a living legend, Emraan Khan Blockbuster debutant with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and Minissha Lamba.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Amitabh teaches Abhishek

JR Bachchan, Abhishek is to host a show where is supposed to chit-chat with Big B’s Den on NDTV. However, as we have noticed that Amitabh, Shah Rukh, Salman, Akshay, Govinda and Sunil Shetty have hosted variety shows and now Abhi turned JR Bachchan is to blaze the small screen.

Abhi hosts show and breaks a good conversation with his Father Bachchan in the hot seat that served him to secure a few more established things out his father’s experienced mind. He demonstrated to the best of his intellectual skills with a series of queries about Unforgettable Tour but Pa proved Pa by cracking each nut carefully without disturbing the fruit inside and answered well. As soon as the break times gives Abhi a little while to breathe well Pa strikes back and leaves Abhi astonished with his mouth left open wide apart.

Amitabh echoed with his thunder like hoarse accent in the break and commented Abhi over taking a commercial break that he got to be witty and stylish while announcing a break but to Abhi’s surprise he went to a great extent and said.
"Hey, you don't know the style of how to go on a break. You are conducting the program, na? I'll show you how to do it. Just say, so ladies and gentlemen lot more yet to be disclosed. Don't go anywhere and stay tuned. We'll be right back after a small break!"

Lets all say with in a single voice “Old is gold” or “Papa gee tuwada jawab nahen “

Written By Huma Warsi
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SRK a property dealer now

Oh really it sound odd that our actors are into other business also other than acting! Well Badshah Shahrukh Khan believes in living his life King size. After his popularity in Bollywood, he is now set to spread his magic in the filed of property dealings too. Reportedly, he is into developments of signature building which is in the name of Shah Rukh Khan Boulevard on Al Dana Island in Ras Al Khaimah. This is known to be one of the UAE's seven emirates. Shahrukh has been always attracted to property plans and now finally he is converting his dream into a big reality.

Shahrukh’s estate covers an area of 1,700 sq km which is one or two bedroom apartment and has been designed by well-known architect Toni Ashai who also Shahrukh’s associate with TSA International Investments, which is a leading real estate financial consultancy in the UAE.

The building will be for sale to the general public from October 20 but only after the inauguration by him on Oct 6. He plan to be in Dubai is from October 6 to 9 for announcing the project at real estate expo Cityscape Dubai where Shahrukh’s ‘Temptation Reloaded’ is also to mark this Oct.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Riya Sen shoots in high fever

Riya Sen is quite busy nowadays for shootings for her various coming up films.
After the completion of Rituparno Ghosh’s ‘Abohoman’ now she is shooting for a short film. It is directed by budding students from Subhash Ghai’s ‘Whistling Woods Academy’.

Due to The rigorous schedules and continues traveling Riya fell sick with a 102 degree fever. But she understands the dilemma of the students as they have a limited budget and time constraint. She decided to continue the shoot despite having fever in Whistling Woods and Film city.

Well why not? She has such interesting projects in hand; she surely wouldn’t want to let anyone down!!!

The title of the film is ‘Guzarish’ where she is playing a role of a wife who is torn between her ex-lover and her husband.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Acid factory hindi movie

After Woodstock Villa, the White Feather Films strikes again with Acid Factory. The story enrooted with plot about emotions, memoirs and criminal vendetta. Its heavy loaded with casting of Fardeen khan, Diya Mirza, Irfan Khan, Manoj Bajpai, Dino Morea, Aftab Shivdasani and Dany Denzongpa.hsssssss…tiresome but amazing almost the whole bollywood, so there must be something wonderful.

It is about the story of a man who commits crime but his mind could not secure the fact about that, I-e his memory fades or flies off every next day, whatever, he does... and a person who has not been into committing a crime but his memory too flown to air and smoke; to worst of his luck he has not been given release by luck or law.Therefore, he has been up-to-knees sufferes self denial by memory lapses. Unreasoned, unprotected held within his own self...

The whole story of “Acid Factory” smashes against the wall of reality that depicts a group of the people with memory gone to never lands. They were the maniacs, emotionals.lovers or most probably the schizophrenics. They are together but they cannot entrust anything to anyone because they cant or don’t trust because of the haunting soul in past or rather the relief from the past.Hence, they are the pastless ones. The confusion dawns everywhere in the move, they imagine things happening and the movie plot just scrolls down then.

The uncertainty and panic has been captured greatly. The bunch of these guys has no past so how could they trust…?? No future plans but at least they have a future…so what happens next??? What will happen next …what if the fellows, all of them, stood against one….anything can happen….so get you pass ready for a good and moving flick “The Acid Factory”?

Written By Huma Warsi
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Ramchand Pakistani hindi movie

You cannot slot it in the row of typical bollywood masala movies; where only ketchup (as blood) is commonplace to be seen, even more. Than a hero…when the extra has the bullet in heart or has the bullet near lips, he dies with tongue out so that, at least, he could taste it the ketchup…jokes apart…!!!

Mehreen Jabbar, undoubtedly skilled, has tried her hand well at the project and secured unique status of a fine movie maker with Ramchand Pakistani. Though it is her ever-first attempt at a feature film not only it was to make a good movie, she really has been through successfully with an uncommon masterpiece.
She let the story flow easily, without any exaggeration with such nicety that it turns out to be a reality that mehreen jabber is quite better than the many. Cinematography, the acting, casting and the dialogue delivery all have been performed with absolute skills.

Fazal Hussain, the lead character Ramchand, is a boy, with marvelous sense of acting. He is simply a good performer. While the dialogue delivery, you won’t feel absurdity at all. He is young but emotional as well as wise.
Ahid Farooqi has executed remarkably fine piece of acting with Ramchand and other fellows in the cell. However the environment that has been shown by the director is of bare reality.

In nut shelled form, Ramchand Pakistani, has much to attract the cinema goers, in order to attract them. Apart from it, it could be part of the revival attempt for cinema-going in Pakistan that has been lackluster for past few years.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Righteous kill movie

After seeing 88 Minutes, Righteous Kill is not to be feared of a bad movie .John Avent’s directed Righteous Kill was not a bad Pacino flick, after Revolution. But to ordinary luck of the movie, whoever had starred the movie it would have certainly hit theatres. The list of such cop movies is endless; they hit theatres anyway, brought on DVDs, blaze in magazines and everywhere such movies The Flock, Edison, The Wicker Man and Day of the Dead have rampaged the simplistic cop movie definition. Those choosy but loose Directors have to make just another film to be in the business, so they attract big actors Al-Pacino, Robert Deniro, Richard Gere and Nicholas Cage.

Regarding, Righteous Kill, it is almost impossible to think what attracted DE-Niro and Pacino to do that movie. The movie has not got anything to offer, even to this extent, it could not be said a bad thriller movie. Though it is not the Heat, but is it only not the Heat…!! The story has been ripped off ,as it seems to be so ,that of the two movies Inside Man ,and framing device has been used by Gewirtz to tell the story. As the movie un curtains the first scene, it is about the bad guy. And the plot is known but it goes on. The director tried to come up with a surprise, as it proved a failure, to prove that a huge twist but “alas to our presence of mind, we cannot take it as he tried to “.Anyone who has seen a few episodes of Dexter or with present mind could hint out what is going to reveal..

Both the big and old fellows’ got to work something really good out then such useless movies…

Written By Huma Warsi
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The Dark Knight movie

The Christian Bale starred The Dark Knight that has created its unique place among other superhero films. It differs, however, owing to its being, little bit different plot than the most superhero movies unlike Spiderman, Batman Begins, Batman forever and Superman .Christopher Nolan proved himself such a stunner of a follow-up to 2005’s Batman Begins. The story belongs to a comic book with not dazzling but spectacular and uncommonly thrilling but amusing action stunts. Christian Bale, with a record of many Box-office hits, and Heath ledger, formerly starred of Broke back Mountain, A Knight’s Tale and Brave Heart as a supporting actor has played a clown. The rawness in this artistically brought up universe is of witness able observance, a broken-heart guy in black suit, whose only hope is, no more, to live happily with former girlfriend; and a villain, Heath Ledger, in a clowns outfits with such a rare presence of himself. The Dark Knight has produced, comparatively, a fine work. The trouble is that Batman, a.k.a. playboy Bruce Wayne, has had it up to here with being the white knight. He's pissed that the public sees him as a vigilante. He'll leave the hero stuff to district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and stop the DA from moving in on Rachel Dawes (feisty Maggie Gyllenhaal, in for sweetie Katie Holmes), the lady love who is Batman's only hope for a normal life.

Nothing gleams less to be called avoidable like a sin in Gotham City, shot on location in Chicago, cinematographer Wally Pfister brings such a sensibility to a cartoon fantasy. The bad guys play so well ,take the joker, as robes a bank of all its money with his fellows like robbing his own home, no burglar alarms, security at risk, shoots his all accomplices, drives the money home. Whereas, Christian Bale plays of The Batman with modern machinery out of his conscience to rescue common people and public places. But Heath Ledger is superlative. His crazy joker, with fabricated but reasonable decisions as a successful villain would take us to surprise and the only escape is to remind us is “it’s a comic story”. No mask for the clown, his face is of a clown with moldy makeup , a red scar apparently of a grin, semi-curled but long hair ,to him a knife is superior to a gun “savor the movement”..

The clown presents the last but completed role for Ledger who died of a heavy doze in January at 28. Watch him crash a party and circle Rachel, the beautiful lady who is loved more by Bale (batman) and married to Eckhart’s DA... "Hello, beautiful," says the Joker, sniffing Rachel like a feral beast. He's right when he compares himself to a dog chasing a car. Later on, the clown says;” I chose chaos “when beaten hard but to real damages and even he make them realize the fact that they have taken him lightly. He, the joker, wants Batman to choose chaos as well; he believes humanity is what you lose when you are busy making plans to get power
Nolan has dawn his skills once again with The Dark Knight. A world class filmmaker, be it Memento, Insomnia or The Prestige he is errorless.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Kung fu panda movie

This is a fun movie and an entertainer pretty much the whole way through, it doesn’t run past a buck and a half in runtime, but ultimately seems more geared toward kids and their McDonald’s Happy Meals. The film will crack you up here and there, particularly from the one-liners that are delivered by the lead character. It’s a fun to watch in terms of the many characters, the colorful environments, the lush Chinese decors, but ultimately a good story. “Panda is fat and must train to become Dragon Warrior”. It has some Training, fighting, training, fighting…fat jokes, more training, more fighting. You will enjoy many of the fat jokes, most of the training stuff also and the fighting. I said that this film is probably geared more toward kids.

Some of the secondary characters are fun, like Tai Lung, the kick ass baddie who can NOT be stopped. Every character in the film is top-notch warriors who kicked ass and still don’t get hurt.

It’s a totally recommended movie to kids and if you’re a parent, you’re definitely not going to be bored. The music is good and the movie is funny.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Stoneman movie hindi review

The director Manish gupta has tried to make a film named Stone man. The serial killer is named as "Stoneman" by the media as he has just claimed his fifth victim.

The modus operandi is same as the victim is killed in his sleep by a heavy stone thrown at his head. These killings are not of much interest to the Bombay Police force but to suspended sub-inspector Sanjay Shelar (Kay Kay Menon) this is an opportunity. Sanjay wants to track this killer down and then possibly find an entry back into the police force. With the secret aid of his patronizing superior AIG Satam (Vikram Gokhale), Sanjay begins the process of tracking this dangerous killer down. But the chain of events that follow, lead the official police investigator of the case – Inspector Kedar Phadke (Arbaaz Khan) to suspect Sanjay of being the killer himself. Even as Sanjay, Kedar and Satam jostle amongst themselves, the Stone man stalks the streets unabated, claiming victim after victim…

Written By Huma Warsi
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Rafoo Chakkar - hindi movie

Enjoy your life with your Love life and live the life to think of the four letters to the central Raffoo Chakkar.

Pappu (Aslam Khan) and Munnu (Yudhishtir) both are the Prime Ministers known to be very rich brothers. MJ (Nauheed Cyrusi) and Julie (Nisha Rawal) are the sisters known as the MJ of society's upper class. They all believe in enjoying their lives without marrying.

But when they are married they flee their homes forcefully. On the run have a great fun. Pappu is attracted to MJ and Munnu is attracted to Julie, so they try to persuade the ladies unknowingly that they are the girls their father had set marriage.

It’s a comedy flick with lots of fun and confusion surrounded by hilarious tragedy.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Wanted movie

Brangelina jolie, with her tattooed, slim-cum-strong and undoubtedly lethal body, brought us an unbelievingly modernized and regardless of mere praise flick, has shaken the cinema doors with roaring background score.

A man misses a bullet that scores death of a woman sitting before him. Surprisingly, he runs but returns with highest velocity nearly matching speed of light smashes out of office glass, produces 9mm and scores death of enemies with each bullet. Hang on a second! Fickle minded moviegoers, the predefined outstanding shooting scenes are just meant to attract your attention to stay with eyes wide open; the flick is just another Matrix and Matrix sequel, with some unreasonable shooting stunts that have no legal grounds to be taken for granted. Director Timur Bekmambetov has not come up with outstanding Hollywood flick except Ms.Angelina.

Mr.Bekmambetov is a Russian filmmaker who has secured a dominant position with early thrillers like ‘Day Watch ‘and ‘Night Watch’. He could be said praiseworthy, in one respect or another, because he has a genius to put into use empty but noisy tools; __the ultimate fighting sequences with bullets inside-out in slow motion, sometimes strikes to opponent’s bullet and pierces into, at quite a countable stages bullet breaks and bears the matter inside. But to Bekhmambetov’s brilliance he has shown skillful manifestation.

The basic story of “Wanted” has been taken from a comic book series by Mark Millar and J.G.Jones that circulates around a pusillanimous cubicle drone, Wesley, who has been, at length, conceptualized in the story line. Wesley’s accomplice is played by Ms. Jolie, Brad Pitt’s real life partner who played the same in Fight Club and befriended Mr. Norton. Wanted has plot unlike Fight Club as well. The familiarity is _reduced bullet motion, air ripped-to-let exceed a man faster than it like “Matrix”
The repetition is everywhere, rats exploring rotten stuff, background music is set to produce bang and boom to let viewers chew their own teeth. Many stories are grinded to produce this one. Ms. Angelina Jolie (Fox) and the head Morgan Freeman home worked to get Wesley becomes a killing master. Further more, to sustain agony and learn the trick to swing a bullet. Morgan Freeman, he, seems to be tired. Wesley, finally, discovers the evil effect and, in the end, having learnt everything, stands against his own gang. Jolie dies.

Written By Huma Warsi
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1920 – Movie Review

Vikram Bhatt’s horror movie 1920 doesn’t leave you zombied. But it does scare you enough to have a few sweaty, sleepless hours when you hit the bed at night.

The movie derives its title from the year it’s set in, when huge mansions (in present-day Yorkshire) stood tall on the suburbs of Mumbai and horse-drawn carriages plied on dusty grounds carrying dandy men in suits and women in Victorian gowns and hats. Sadly, there aren’t any buxom ladies in tight corsets here.
Rajneesh Duggal plays Arjun, an architect, and Adah Sharma plays his catholic wife, Lisa. The couple, wedded despite parental disapproval, arrives at a haveli that the suave architect plans to convert into a hotel as his big project. The only trouble is – the haveli is haunted by a spirit that eventually possesses Lisa. Even as the girl transforms from a beautiful bride to a withered zombie that talks in multiple voices and levitates in bed, the guy doesn’t run away but stands beside her, his love unshaken, until he finds a way to exorcise her of the demonic spirit.

Plotwise, ‘1920’ doesn’t offer anything remarkably novel or nightmarish. It abounds with clich├ęs that collage any typical horror film – a large, empty and dimly-lit mansion with huge portraits staring down ominously at its audience or its rich architecture that glistens through the shifting shadows or a lantern-carrying housekeeper with mysterious facial expressions.

Despite this, the film works to an extent because Vikram Bhatt holds it tight until the very climax. The director lays the ground in the first half and shoots up the scare-quotient in the second half considerably enough for you to feel a full bladder mid-way through your carbonated drink.

The film also works because its actors, Rajneesh Duggal and Adah Sharma, deliver credible performances in aptly-suited roles. Adah’s blanched complexion particularly makes her well-suited to play a possessed girl. Raj Zutsi as the scowling priest is too stilted.

The music is quite evocative except the Rakhi Sawant number which stands out like a sore thumb in this sufficiently spooky tale.

Just don’t go expecting too much and there are chances that you might get some paisa-vasool scares.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Wednesday hindi Movie Review

Movie: A Wednesday; Cast: Naseruddin Shah, Anupam Kher and Jimmy Shergill; Director: Neeraj Pandey; Rating: ***

At the very beginning we got to clarify that ‘A Wednesday’ is not a film based on the Mumbai train blasts or a sequel to ‘Mumbai Meri Jaan’ which too was about the blasts that rocked the city two years ago.

This modern master piece tells the story of certain events that unfold between 2 and 6 p.m. on a Wednesday in Mumbai; events that do not exist in any record.
It’s a Wednesday when Prakash Rathod (Anupam Kher), the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai receives a phone call asking him to release four militants.
The caller (Naseeruddin Shah) threatens him saying if he took his call lightly, he would be responsible for a series of bomb blasts in the city. But if he listens to him, many innocent lives would be saved and the caller would also reveal where he had planted the bombs.

Rathod suspects it to be a crank call, but is forced to change his opinion when his men find a bomb at the police station right in front of the headquarters.
It is then that the Chief Minister orders Rathod to tackle this critical situation. While trying to trace the caller, he meets a reporter from a news channel - Naina Roy, played by Deepal Shaw, who has also been tipped off by the same anonymous caller.

Two of Rathod’s best men, Arif (Jimmy Shergill) and Jai (Aamir Bashir) also chip in to trail the caller.

This short, one and a half hour film, has a tight script which would not divert your attention from the silver screen for a split second. Director Neeraj Pandey has filmed some mind-blowing sequences and surely has a creative vision which would help him make a name amongst the top directors of Bollywood pretty soon.
Cinematographer Fuwad Khan’s output is top class while the background score [Sanjay Chowdhury] is stirring.

Performance wise too all the actors have done a brilliant job. Well, that’s expected with actors of the caliber of Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher around. They have yet again proved why they are rated amongst the top actors of recent times.
Jimmy Shergill too has played his part with great effect and turns out to be a surprise package of the flick.

We suggest the viewers should make it a point to catch this beautifully crated movie!

Written By Huma Warsi
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Tahaan Movie Review

Purav Bhandare, the central character in Santosh Sivan's TAHAAN, has elbowed Darsheel Safary, the child star of TAARE ZAMEEN PAR out of his top slot. There was no written confirmation about the fact that Darsheel was on top of the heap, but the fact that he now endorses so many products and is seen so often on television is a fair enough barometer. Bhandare goes one up. He has tremendous screen presence, is a fabulous actor and has brought alive the character of TAHAAN to endear himself to the viewer, just like Safary did in TZP. To put it in a nutshell, Bhandare is pure genius. Full marks to Sivan for entrusting this lad with the load of the film. But I suspect, like his character, Tahaan, where he is unknowingly being used by terrorists, Bhandare had no clue that he was the main protagonist of this film!

Before venturing into direction, Santosh Sivan was an acclaimed cinematographer and this time he blends the experience from both fields to come up with a visually appealing and a little disturbing, though thought-provoking film.
Visually it is appealing because he has captured the purity of the Kashmir Valley, in the way only he can. The beautifully snowcapped valleys and open roads, coupled with the dilapidated houses and fields of snow are visually brought alive on screen. Disturbing because, you feel for the child who is trying in vain to get back his pet donkey, Birbal, with who he shares a bond that no adult will understand. Disturbing also because it is his desire to get back Birbal, he is lured into handling grenades with a promise of getting back his Birbal. Thought provoking because Sivan makes you leave the theatre asking questions about what really is happening in the Kashmir Valley and how the locals are living their lives there. However, Sivan could have been clearer in his thought process as to what he wanted the viewer to go home with. According to me, there is a thin veil over the storyline, which, if lifted, would have given the viewer a clearer picture. I agree that not all movies need to be easy on the mind; you have to get the viewer involved. But something, somewhere in the script does not allow me to rationalize the move behind the plot. Having said that, I must admit, it's a good experience but not for the aam junta. It's for those who love their cinema in art form.

Apart from Bhandare, the lad who plays Idris (Ankush Dubey) is another bright spark in the film. I dare say that Anupam Kher, Sarika and Rahul Bose are just supporting cast.

Move over Safary, now here comes Bhandare. On second thoughts, there's room for more talented children like these two.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Ru-Ba-Ru hindi Movie Review

What's the use of publicizing the 10 or 12 odd kisses that the lead pair shares in this film, when you do not look at the film in its entirety? The little publicity that has come this film's way before its release only sent signals of it being some sort of a sleaze fare. This may be the reason why the public is keeping away. Moreover, the lead pair of Randeep Hooda and Shahana Goswami are no big stars. If you look at it in that respect, the publicists are right in creating a 'negative' buzz for a positive result. But what the think-tank failed to understand and see is that this here is a good film and the kisses are an integral part of the film. It's a beautiful relationship that Nikhil (Randeep) and Tara (Shahana) share. The kisses, too, are appropriately filmed. No awkward moments between the two and it just goes with the flow, without once making you squirm in your seat. It is such marvelous chemistry between the two.

Randeep and Shahana are both brilliant actors who do justice to their part. Randeep has proved himself with his earlier films, while after ROCK ON, Shahana goes on to show that 'Debbie' was no fluke. She's such a natural that as a film lover you are impressed with the talent. It's a film everyone in love would want to watch.

Written By Huma Warsi
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