Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ugly Aur Pugly - hindi movie

With a attractive subtitle “99 slaps and 1 kiss”, the movie sounded and seemed quiet fresh and different offering a new script but it seems the expectations or we should say, the over expectations of the audiences have been completely shattered in yet another lack of script loser movie at the box office this week.

The movie starts with the introduction of Ranvir Shorey as an ugly loser failing his engineering college over and over again. His encounter with a boozer female, Mallika Sherawat at the railway station gives a hope of an interesting start, but as the movie proceeds, a clear discrepancy in the story line is visible. Though the movie at times, is funny, and manages to keep you engrossed but at times, even competent actors like Ranvir and Mallika fail to keep you in your seat. The music score is good enough and the situations created, though seem crazy, but help you stick to you chair for the two hours movie, like Mallika movie in the college wearing her undergarments on her clothes. Mallika and Ranvir come out as true winners or should we say the saviors of the flick.

Where Ranvir manages to act like a complete loser who has fallen head over heels in this drunkard lasses’ love, Mallika shows one of her best performances to prove her acting skills.

I would rate the movie as an average flick which might win audiences in the first week but would fall flat after a while

My stars: 2/5

PS.: Mallika’s script writing fascination in the movie is cute and describes her “Woman is Great” attitude.

Go watch it if you are getting bored and do not have any thing else to do.

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