Saturday, September 20, 2008

welcome to sajjanpur hindi movie reviews

Sajjanpur is small north Indian village where alphabets and letters are still the only mode people use to communicate, here power cuts are daily in life and riding a bike or two-wheeler is like a huge dream. This movie is an authentic rural setting where after a long period of time we have a film which is completely in the Hindi heartland other than Malamaal weekly and Omkara.

Mahadev (Shreyas Talpade) is an aspiring novelist. He earns his living by reading and writing letters for the illiterate poor villagers. Through these letters one gets to know the life stories of the film's dozen odd characters.

And in this story, director Shyam Benegal has chosen to touch the rural India's top issues such as widow remarriage, caste politics and superstition. This goes on right till the end where a good ten minutes are utilized to explain what happened to the various characters that were forgotten in the course of the film.
Welcome to Sajjanpur rests upon Shreyas Talpade's hands as he is seen in almost every frame of the film.

Amrita Rao has a very likable role in the film. There are some supporting casts which are true to their characters with each actor delivering fabulous performances. Kunal Kapoor have been seen in many films to have a guest appearance just like in his one.

It is a simple story is but unnecessarily stretched to almost three hours. Though it is far more superior to most films you see every week.

Written By Huma Warsi


Anonymous said...

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fultu said...
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untraceable said...

Talpade produced great chemistry with naseeruddin shah in Iqbal since then he is counted on.Then aggar gave him a shake.
Afterwards he rose in Dil Dosti etc,shined in Om Shanti Om and finally Sajjanpur is not actually a bad one actingwise..
Talpade has made his different and secured place in bollywood as an actor..
I wish he last long...

fultu said...
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pinky said...

Talpade is a different face with good school of acting,amrita is a fine versatile or versatyle actress.Both of them a good chemistry.

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there's nothing to read now...

the auther ended up with noo gossips sad.

give us some more ...come on we are waiting

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""Saturday, September 20, 2008
welcome to sajjanpur hindi movie reviews """
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untraceable said...

hello any one alive...>>??
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plz post something new ,i am waiting .Your blog is bored now.

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