Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Hrithik nowadays chews anti-smoking chewing gum

After Shahrukh Khan being in the buzz it’s now Hrithik Roshan who is flashing the news headlines for smoking. But when Shahrukh is in favor of smoking, Hrithik opposes it. Hrithik has a clean and clear picture in the film industry for not holding any butts in films or in parties and social gatherings. By this positive angle, a pharmaceutical company has approached him for the endorsement of anti-smoking chewing gum. He is in talk with the company that as Hrithik is the only choice for them and would sign the contract soon with him after he returns from New Mexico. It is learnt that they are planning many ads with him for print and electronic media both.

A source revealed, "Pfizer is planning to launch anti smoking chewing gum in the country. They are in talks with Hrithik to endorse the product. Once Hrithik gives his approval, they plan to break into a huge campaign. Hrithik doesn't smoke and advocates anti smoking to all his close friends and family."

The source also added, "Hrithik has a clean image in the industry. Also kids form a huge part of his fan base. Endorsing an anti-smoking product would only enhance his image and help him draw in more crowds. Hope, Hrithik’s product may appeal the youths.

Written By Huma Warsi

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