Monday, December 3, 2007

Manoj Bajpai: Bang by Diya Mirza

Diya MirzaActress diya mirza very desirable to make herself an impressive and real actress in bollywood that is why she gives a solid remark to actor Manoj Bajpai’s smooth cheeks. We are talking about the shooting of a short story ‘Zahir’ which is a part of upcoming movie Dus Kahaniyaan. According to a scene pretty Diya Mirza have a slap to Manoj Bajpai when the scene was begin she gave him a shocking slap so firmly, the actor have to say her ‘Deepak’. Behind this Manoj gives a reason that the slap was so strong and feel like a male hand so he call her as Deepak. Well after the shot Diya Mirza apologizes him and kind hearted Manoj Bajpai definitely excused her but when Manoj will watch the film he never forget this incident.

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