Saturday, September 20, 2008

Geeta Basra Undergoes a Surgery

As it is well said “Even caring something more than needed, is harmful”. So that happened to Geeta Basra. Geeta, in order to bring her body into a good shape, visits gym much often. When she was doing exercise a weight dropped on her foot, causing it damaged to leave Geeta stay indoors for almost a fortnight after going a small bone operation. She was taken to surprise when she come to realize what actually she has been through her experience’s itself a tale to tell. She said “It was awful; I don’t know what hit me. For a moment I just blanked.” She further clarified as “accident proof “; never have had an accident.

To Geeta’s surprise the operation was much horrifying. According to her, as a person never been operated for anything:” I was carried to an operation theatre with a friend helping me through”, to add some insomnia to her already sunken heart “The operation theatre had all the gadgetry”. Resultantly, the procedure and stuff was not short of surprise to Geeta. According to her she was really thrilled at times.

Whatsoever, as she has been advised to stay abed for a fortnight. She has made plans to spend her “precious 15” with visiting friends and bulk of DVDs she could not find time for. Furthermore, she walks the Mumbai roads again that she always longed to.

Written By Huma Warsi

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