Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Akshaye goes farming!

Akshaye Khanna always shies away from media. But it’s in front of the same media that the truelove guy admits his love for world. And at the same space he leaves no scope to think of it as any star whim. “I am always been in love with soil and mother universe. That’s how I love to see all the vegetables and fruits at my farm. I see like becoming a farmer and that image makes me just happy and excited. There is nothing else that can gain me happy,” exclaims Akshaye.
It seems Akshaye has thought of a new option for his métier. But you must be thinking it’s high tide in his line in Bollywood and his films are doing quite fount at the box office, too.Then why does he need to look for another option?
But at the uniform time we must not forget one thing. We are talking about Bollywood and career in this assiduousness always means ride on roller coaster with steep curves at every interval. So, it’s always better to think of options. Besides, it’s Akshaye’s trade and he must have the independence of changing it at any given space.
But for the time being we would peerless relish to say that farming, in our nation, is not a real career alternative. Every now and then we hold news of farmers killing themselves out of frustration. Should Akshaye still think of farming with same careerist’s approach!!

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Kareena to marry Saif for sure

Bollywood's hottest and exceptionally happening sleep with Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor have been in the development ever since they made their relationship general. They are not shying away from anybody, including the media, when it betides to expressing their devotion for each new but rumours of snaps in their interrelationship keep popping up. Now, Kareena has finally opened up to end the speculations once and for all by declaring that she would concrete Saif.It was former reported that Saif's over-preventative attitude had angered Kareena and her mother Babita. Nonetheless, the bold actress assured that she would surely marry her admirer Saif after triad years. She rubbishes off the rumours that Saif is feeling insecure..

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Aishwarya denies being pregnant

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Bachchan has dismissed rumours that she is pregnant. The couple had recently purchased a flat luxurious villa in Dubai and rumour enlargement that it was to submerge her pregnancy. Ash who was looking glamorous as ever said that she had nothing to hide from the media. Abhishek came out in sustain of his wife and said if they were expecting a child the media would be informed well in advance.
The rumours started during the Sarkar Raj ram conference when a journalist quizzed Amitabh Bachchan when would he be a grandfather to Ash and Abhi's child.

Big B said pointing towards the couple that they should be solicited the question. Before any further question could be solicited on the issue Big B asked the media persons to stick to the topic of Sarkar Raj.This will be the first movie together for Abhishek and Aishwarya after their marriage, the abide existent 2007 blockbuster Guru. This Ram Gopal Varma film is a sequel to Sarkar which was a remake of the notable Hollywood movie Godfather..
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Salman Khan avoids Aishwarya again

Salman Khan was missing at the main of Sanjay Gupta's Woodstock Villa, starring his brother Arbaaz Khan. Except Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora (who was seen with Arbaaz), no Khan segment was present. The ring is that it was the style of the Bachchans (especially Aishwarya's) that was the instance of Salman's no-show.
Says a source, "Arbaaz held a experiment on Thursday for the Khan family at 12.30 in the afternoon at Ketnav theatre in Bandra where everyone from Alvira and Atul Agnihotri, Salim and Salma Khan to Salman was present. Ulteriorly the trial, Salman drove off to his Panvel farmhouse in the evening. But the real sense that Salman and Salim Khan didn't go for the chief, which was such an important actuality for Arbaaz wasbecause Salim Khan and Salman wanted to circumvent the Bachchan family. Latterly, Salim Khan had made certain pejorative marks against Amitabh Bachchan and it would have made an clumsy moment for both if they had befall face-to-cover."
Superficially, Salman also wasn't keen on coming.

The source clarifies, "Though Salman shares a congenial tie-in with Abhishek and a warm and affectionate relationship with the Big B, it would hold made for another awkward point if Aishwarya, the Bachchan bahu and he liquidated into each other at the cardinal. Rather than have so many uncomfortable points the Khan kinfolk decided to dap the premier.Arbaaz, however, says, "Salman has just profited from a long and hectic schedule of Premier Aur Mrs Khanna in Australia so he couldn't make it to the foremost. But dad and him and the rest of the family saw it at the trial at Ketnav. Also he's currently identical busy preparing for his TV show, 10 Ka Dum, which airs after week on June 6. We have seen the first occasion and Salman is simply knowing!"
Arbaaz is worked up with the rejoinder he's got for his performance in Woodstock Villa, where he shows Neha Uberoi's save. Arbaaz's "biggest critic", his father, Salim Khan has also liked his performance. "Dad never moves over-enthusiastic in his praise so when he says it's good it means a lot. He's liked the film and my rendering. It was a challenging role to play where I had to convey a lot silently straightforward my words. Numerous hold said that it's one of my best renderings in recent whiles."

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