Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Govinda slaps director

It is sometimes funny how these actors try showing off their superiority… A few months back, apna Chi Chi was accused of slapping someone on the sets of his flop film Money Hai To Honey Hai. Now what we hear is that the man has did it again…you know the Oops I did it again way….. It is being heard that Govinda slapped the director of his forth coming flick Run Bhola Run, Neeraj Vohra.

People on the sets describe it as an image issue. It was something like, there was a scene in which Aryan Vaid, Govinda’s co actor had to enact a scene in which he was to slap him. In a hustle bustle, Aryan by mistake hit the guy who instead of just enacting it…because of which the comedy king turned into a furious angry young man, and went straight up to the director and hit him hard, further abusing him, blaming him of doing the thing on purpose to humiliate him..You actually can not make out if uits a stunt to gain publicity or an actual issue, but whatever, it sure is a moral delimma on the name of sophisticated Bollywood actors.

Written By Prachi Mehta
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Salman quits liquor for holy Ramzan

Well Salman Khan is a news maker and whatever he is does is some thing different or big and this time he has done it again. The reason to hit the headlines is not bad but something good. The bad boy despite being in media for wrong reasons has turned in to a disciplined and dedicated person. He had decided to stay and strictly discard the liquor only for the month of Ramzan. This is to respect the holy month. Salman is a party lover and is known for throwing lavish parties to his near and dear ones. He likes to socialize with his friends and relatives and often enjoys to booze with them. Recently he diverted himself to religion and even got a ganpati at home to celebrate Ganesh Chartuthi with his family and relatives. Sallu miya wishes to seek blessing from Allah to safeguard his love relationship with beau Katrina. He also plans to tie a knot with her in next year.

It is assumed that another reason for his divine intervention in god is his sinking career. He has gone through a series of flops in the recent past. Career and love has made Salman to incline towards almighty.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Abhishek is a real life DRONA

Abhishek is a real life DRONA Now you can see Abhishek turning from the reel life DRONA who is a savior in the film to real life DRONA.

The incident we are talking about is a laudable one where Abhishek was truly a real hero. This took place when abhishek was at the 'Unforgettable World Tour' trip. It so happened that when Bachchans accompanied by other stars arrived at Toronto they were crowded by people who were trying to pounce each other just to get a glimpse of the stars. This resulted in a huge stampede and chaos so much that a small kid was stuck in the middle of it. On seeing this Abhishek immediately rushed to the kid and rescued her, who had got separated from her parents. After that he took the kid backstage and announced asking for the kid’s parents.

Abhi successfully handed over the child to her parents and after that felt much relieved. The teary-eyed worried parents just kept on thanking the savior Abhishek Bachchan. The Show got delayed because of this incident but helping the child in getting her parents was of much importance for Abhi.
Now With this incident we can say he is a 'DRONA - THE SAVIOUR'

Written By Huma Warsi
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SRK on a ride with Anushka Sharma

Raj has been the name of Shahrukh khan in his most of the block busters. The name signifies many things but in bollywood it has been associated with the king khan Shahrukh. The unforgettable DDLJ was the path breaker and today also it takes the breath away of teenagers. Raj of DDLJ and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai reminds us of the cute lover boy in the film. Girls die over Shahrukh’s looks, style, personality romance and expression of love.

Shahrukh will be seen in Aditya Chopra’s forthcoming flick Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi soon.
While he was shooting in Amritsar some collage girls screamed and hauled when he took the debutant heroine of the film Anushka Sharma on a ride.

Being forty plus Shahrukh looks as dynamic as he was in DDLJ before. Anushka Sharma looks cute in traditional white and green shalwar-suit taking a ride at the back of SRK’s Suzuki bike. Her simple and elegant get up reminds us of sweet Simran of DDLJ played by Kajol.

Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi is set to recreate the magic of DDLJ and SRK will again mesmerize the girls with his killer personality and image who will don a lover boy in the film.

Written By Huma Warsi
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SRK cares for Lara

Shahrukh Khan cares for every one and he is a generous person. His easiness of his female co-stars during shoots is his prime importance especially looks after them they are female lead for his film. While many actresses refused for the shooting of Shah Rukh's BILLO BARBER which is his home production, Lara Dutta took interest and accepted the offer. Probably this made King Khan’s entry into Lara’s friend list SRK was concerned and took best care of Lara Dutta and arranged everything which did not give her any room for compliance.

Shah Rukh took personally all the responsibility of arranging the facilities and making the stay for Lara comfortable. She was moved by his caring nature and was astonished too. Shahrukh khan had approached many heroines for the role in his home production film but heard denials. Finally Lara heard the script calmly and agreed to play the character.

Lara was actually taken aback by Shah Rukh’s responsible gesture. She never complaint infact she enjoyed the whole shooting assignment in remote areas. She is very active and dedicated towards her career and therefore took active part and interest in all the shoots.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Television for Bipasha Basu

In the present television era, we would want to watch more and more our Bollywood actresses on the small screen. So this is for our TV buffs that they will have a treat to eye their all time favorite actress to hit the TV screen. It’s a way to benefit both the show and the actress at the same time. The bomb shell Bipasha Basu will soon be judging a reality show taking the seat like Raveena Tandon., Urmila Matondkar and Kajol.

It’s a kind of dance based show named Chak De - Shehar Di Kudiyan Te Galli De Gunde where she will be the honorable judge accompanied by yet another beautiful actress Raveena Tandon as a judge too. Some reliable sources say that gorgeous Karishma Kapoor was approached initially for the same, but she refused because of her personal reasons. The show organizers approached Bipasha Basu expecting her to take part and she agreed readily just because she was lured by the concept of the show.

Bips now have to give dates for the shoot; the show will start as soon as the dates will be finalized. It seems to be a double bonus to all Bips and Ravs fans and lovers to watch two most talented and beautiful actresses judging one show together.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Sanjay Dutt’s donation of 2.5 lacs

The khalnayak is not a bad boy at all. This is proven by many good deeds done by sanju baba. We recently witnessed a sensitive side of sanjay when he donated sum to save a 2 year old kid stricken by cancer. Not forgetting that this disease had also killed his mother Nargis Dutt. The actual story starts when Achala Sachdev the model-turned-actress got a buzz from a friend that a Sikh gentleman has a 2 year old niece who is suffering from cancer ands need to be treated, without financial aid its not possible. Achala Sachdev ‘I was stunned. I know the Sikh family very well. They're family friends.

To hear that their little girl Saishaa, who is just 2, has cancer just shook me to the core. The family wanted me to ask Sanjay Dutt for help from the charitable institution Nargis Dutt Foundation that's named after his mother. Since I know Sanjay, I readily agreed and rang him up. Achala added 'When he heard the seriousness of the situation, he said, 'Forget the foundation. I'll help the girl.' And he immediately agreed to write out a large sum of money for little Saishaa's treatment at the Tata Memorial Hospital,' Munnabhai donated Rs.250, 000.'The girl's distraught mother Harjeet Kaur just wept when she heard about Sanjay's generosity. Just goes to show, the industry has its share of good people. And it's people like Sanjay who make our world a better place,' words by Achala Sachdev.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Katrina will work with Salman

Gorgeous actress Katrina Kaif had decided to put an end in the professional relationship with Salman Khan. Reports said that she has a pre condition that she will work only if the script is good. She is a talented actor and never takes any chance about the selection of a script. Recently she said “I have never said that I will not work with Salman Khan after Yuvraj. I always go by the script. I do not know how such speculations float around. If our dates work out, we will be featuring in Sohail Khan's next film," Katrina is also doing well with the endorsement and has replaced Aishwarya Rai as the brand ambassador of Nakshtra diamond jewelry.

Reporters were also told in an interview that Katrina is no more a part of "temptations", which is said to be Shah Rukh Khan's world tour programme. The very much hyped SRK and Salman fight on Katrina kaif’s birthday party disturbed many good and healthy relationships. She loves dancing on stage and enjoys her work a lot, Katrina said” If dates permit, I will surely be part of the show," With this we hope to see SRK, Salman and Katrina altogether in a film.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Priety zinta loves doing fluffy entertainers

Preity’s latest starrer flick Heaven On Earth has been premiered at the 33rd Toronto International Film Festival. It is presently at the receiving end of adulations she is getting for her acting brilliance and performance as a battered housewife in the film. The film is Directed by Deepa Mehta and has Preity playing Chand, is a vivacious Punjabi girl who becomes a victim of domestic violence after marrying a man in Canada.

Apart from the movie ‘Heaven On Earth’, she has recently also acted in two other slice-of-life films like The Last Lear and Har Pall. Both of these films are non-commercial movies and from acclaimed art-house directors.

However, Preity Zinta expels the notion that she is moving away from Bollywood and also says "Popular Hindi cinema is my bread and butter…The only thing that has changed is that today there is space for all kinds of cinema in the multiplexes in India. The demographics are no longer the same and I can now afford to do films of all hues,"
She is in Toronto for the premiere of ‘Heaven On Earth’.

The beautiful actress added that she loves doing full-on Bollywood potboilers and soon will be seen in many new projects.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Aamir joins Shahrukh’s temptation

Bollywood superstars and most talented actors Aamir Khan and Shahrukh Khan are slated to come together in a world tour Temptation. Reports are that Aamir has given his consent to appear in the show at the King Khan’s world tour temptation. It was only on the request of SRK, who wanted his show to be much happening and bigger than Amitabh Bachchan’s Unforgettable tour which concluded recently.

Srk wants the show to be a super duper hit and wants to make the show bigger and for this he is all set to add big names to the show like Katrina Kaif. the buzz was that she was earlier discarded from the tour by SRK following the ugly spat between him and Salman Khan. some other stars are Priyanka Chopra, Arjun Rampal and Malaika Arora may join him on the tour.

Temptation will start very soon as SRK is gearing up for the tour and is making all effort to make the affair a grand one and even much bigger than Bachchan’s Unforgettable tour.

The popularity of both the Khans is undoubtedly immense and will definitely succeed in setting the stage on fire. They will rock the show and tempt everyone with Temptation.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Madhuri Dixit entertained PIA passengers

Hindi movies former diva Madhuri Dixit may have not succeeded to impress the Indian fans with her recent comeback film Aaja Nachle, but seems to be Pakistan International Airline's best entertainer for passengers.

"Madhuri Magic" is the name of the show on the "dhak dhak" girl, is being aired for PIA passengers flying to Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
This show has been introduced last month and will be on till October. Not only Madhuri but PIA passengers flying to Dubai, Saudi Arabia and the US can also tune into a special show titled "Dil Ki Baatein" on Rani Mukherjee.

But that's not all because Madhuri also features in the PIA in-house entertainment magazine, which has a write-up on her. And also on some flights, Bollywood fans can watch film award ceremonies and stage shows by top Indian actors.

some most Popular Bollywood songs of which are "top choices" of Pakistani celebrities are also played on the flights.
All Pakistanis, including their Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani, are huge Bollywood buffs. Gilani, is an ardent fan of Aishwarya Rai and Shahrukh Khan. He was presented a box-full of DVDs of Ash's films by the Indian External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherjee when he visited Islamabad in May.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Salman refused to sing sharukh’s song

A few days back, Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan were in the news for severe ties at Katrina's birthday. The duo is not all ready to reconcile in any way and Salman has even refused to connect with him remotely. Sallu miya has been a good host at his show Dus Ka Dum, where many guests were invited and they entertained the audience very well.

During the grand finale of Dus Ka Dum, Sallu refused to sing a song from Shahrukh's film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai; it was when the special guest Rani Mukherjee urged him to croon. A Sony insider confirmed the incident, "Rani did ask Salman if he would sing the song Sajanji ghar aaye... from KKHH. But Salman refused her request outright. We aren't too sure if all of it will make it to the final cut of the show." So he sang a song from a film which featured Rani and him. He even refused to comment when Rani rose up the issue of their brawl and he decided to remain calm. Salman and Shahrukh khan's fight was purely professional though some quipped that SRK has murmured his ex-flame Ash's name which raised salman’s temper and made thing worse.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Ranbir will celebrate Ganpati with Deepika

Ganpati is a huge celebration in Mumbai. This festival has already started and our Bollywood stars are ready to celebrate the occasion with their near and dear ones. It will be a grand occasion for the most happening couple of tinsel town Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone. Yes you got it right as this time they will be together to celebrate Ganpati.

Ganesh Chathurthi has been the most happening festival and always celebrated in a very grand way at R.K.Studios. Every year it is out choco boy Ranbir Kapoor who leads the idol for Visharjan to Juhu Beach.

This Ganesh Chathurthi will be more special for Ranbir as he will be joined by his beau Deepika. The sweet couple has every reason to celebrate the festival. They are in full swing and quite happy as their latest release Bachna Ae Haseeno netted 30 crores from India and that in just two weeks flat.

Ranbir is busy shooting for Rajkumar Santoshi's Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani paired opposite Katrina Kaif. He will take off for a day and fly off to Mumbai when Ganpati will be put up and will be again back for the immersion. Deepika will be present at the occasion has already been confirmed by Ranbir’s mother Neetu.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Soha Ali in 99

Vivacious yet simple and sweet Soha Ali Khan is always known for portraying character larger than life. She has played sensitive and serious characters projecting serious issues of life. She likes to choose roles which are unique and hatke from the normal track. Recently she has signed a film with a title 99 which is a very different film with lots of twists and turns. The film is written by Sita Menon, a former staff member and is a big budget film of Rs 100 million approximately. The film cast is Kunal Khemu, Soha Ali Khan, superb comedy actor Boman Irani, comedian Cyrus Broacha, Simone Singh, director Mahesh Manjrekar and actor Vinod Khanna. It’s a story of two men in two different cities who have the desire to break the boredom of life and want to make things bigger.

Soha ali khan is very much excited about her role in the film where she is playing Puja, who is a hotel manager in Delhi. She is a professional girl, yet stylish and outspoken.

This is going to be her third comic flick. According to Soha making people cry is difficult enough, but making people laugh is even tougher! But she is truly happy to be associated with the project.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Kidnap hindi movie

Watch Sanjay Dutt and Imran Khan in Sanjay Gadhvi’s Kidnap. The film is a powerful drama of a tussle of two characters i.e. (Imraan Khan) a young boy and (Sanjay Dutt) the father of a girl who is kidnapped by Imraan. The biggest attraction of the movie other than Sanjay Dutt is the presence of new heart throb Imran as he is portraying a gray character this time.

Sonia (Minisha Lamba) stays with her mom (Vidhya Malvade) along with her grandmother because her parents divorced and moved apart when she was just the age of ten. Before her coming soon 18th birthday she is kidnapped by Kabir (Imran Khan).

Vikrant Raina (Sanjay Dutt) is the girl’s father who is a New York based businessman with whom Kabir is interested only to talk as he has some old odds to settle down. Vikrant has to return India to save his daughter from Kabir but as a condition to rescue her he has to carry out many difficult tasks after end of which he gets clues to track her daughter.

Do you think Vikrant’s mission is easy? Will the father be able to save his daughter? How far will he succeed? To know all this, catch the Kidnap starring Sanjay Dutt and sensational Imraan Khan with the music by Pritam.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Saas Bahu Aur Sensex

It’s the story of pursuit of love, fluctuation in stock market along with changing circumstances in moderating India, and would be an additional sweet to Indian recipe of Masala movies.

The film "Saas, Bahu Aur Sensex" Tanushree dutta has been introduced as a bahu and potential investor in stock market, and is accompanied by Mousami. Not only has that but film had a caste like Lillite Dubey, Farooq Sheikh and Kiron Kher in lead roles. All have put their all energies to be useful in the forthcoming movie.

Principal photography by Shona Urvashi's SAAS BAHU AUR SENSEX (SBS) presented by WARNER BROS and produced by PLA Entertainment Pvt Ltd, has been completed and has started work on the post production. SAAS BAHU AUR SENSEX is an original screenplay contains the seeds of urban comedy with a positive view of stock market. SBS is one of the movies that have brought before us the whole lot of newcomers such as Ankur Khanna, Tanushree Dutta & Masumeh Makhija and seasoned actors like Kirron Kher, Farooq Shaikh and Lillette Dubey etc.

"SAAS BAHU SENSEX is a fun film on the changing face of India. The story has the Sensex as a backdrop to lives of the most unlikely investors" says Shona Urvashi.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Aashayein hindi movie

Aashayein depicts Rahul Sing (John Abraham) as a gambler who wins a good deal of money i-e 20 million and throws a party. All the friends and folks enjoying every moment of the partying and drinking and Rahul propose to Nafisa (Sonal Sehgal). He reveals the date of fact of their engagement and instantly falls to the floor.

When he is been informed that his life wont last more than 90 days he vows to move into a hospice giving a dumb ear to everything. His fellow beings changed his thought and left a good impression. As the bond of relationship between Rahul and the rest grew stronger, he come to realize that he should live life to the fullest and was successful so far.

The people he met in hospice flavored his experience with good and bad, love, hate but most importantly hope springs eternal in human breast.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Frozen movie 2009

Frozen features McKoen’s ,first filmmaking adventure, smartness by putting into use emotions, psychopath intentions in the same drama that turns out to be a masterpiece thriller without going up to knees into anything that keeps the story at arms strength to keep the concentration of audience captured for hours.

A puzzled character, Kath (Henderson), is being absorbed into her sister’s mysterious disappearance. Life mean nothing to her but the only hope is priest (Seth) who she sees much often for counseling. In the meanwhile, when all the ships have been burnt to ashes a security videotape proves to the last straw to catch on, she never gave up.

Henderson has the capability to put the role to reality that the audience could hardly forget a dialogue or move she made. Having done a chain of casual comedies she has given her career a positive move that has brought her acting to the limelight of singular identity. She does not look only sexy in the movie but damn real while playing that the audience might forget who actually the story is about. Not only her, but the rest of cast has done a good deal performance.

However, the whole credit goes to the bucket of McKoen who has ability to capture beauty and mix well the other character as borderline. A part from it, McKoen has chained the beads so well with mastery that we could not detach the on part from another until the story’s end.

Notwithstanding the real story, there are flaws as well or somewhat disarrangement of the coincidences like (the police station is closed? Dial 999).On the other hand, the story, at the very start, seems to be so real that no one would ever suspect it end happily as it does. Whatsoever, as every movie has something to go for, the acting and directing has given chance to make it last a Showtime.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Raat Gayi Baat Gayi hindi movie

RAAT GAYI BAAT GAYI is an observation on nowadays marriage. It’s a film about 3 couples. Rajat Kapoor as Rahul is a perfect family and an ad film maker. Been married Iravati Harshe as Mitali for eight years with a beautiful daughter with an encounter with one mysterious lady changes a lot of things he formerly assumed about himself and his happily married life. Iravati Harshe as Mitali is an intelligent modern woman and a sculptor by profession, but decided give up her career after marriage. At the party something happens, the night before, unfolds many truths of her life. Dalip Tahil as Saxena is a middle aged famous writer with lots of fame and success people say that he married for money and he is considered life of every party. Navneet Nishan as Jolly is Saxena's wife who is frivolous, flighty and quite loud but an endearing person by nature despite she fails when she wants to help the people around her.

Anu Menon as Nandini and Vinay Pathak as Amit are married. Nandini catches amit watching porn and gives her an indication of a failure in their relationship Neha Dhupia as Sophia is an aspiring actor who grabs everybody's attention but remains distant. Her character is confusing, that slowly unfolds with interactions with interesting men she meets

Rahul gets up with a hangover after a party. There he had met a sexy young woman- Sophia. But Rahul doesn't remember what happened after they were drunk. Did they go all the way? Rahul suspects that mitali might know about last night and that’s why she is in a bad mood this morning, Rahul starts recollecting his night- and trying to retrieve it to find out what really happened.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Manthan Ek Kashmakash hindi movie

This thriller adventure is about underworld gang wars. The lead character, Dev, shown as a nuclear specialist approved by the defense ministry to be trained, further, in IIT Powai. As he is entangled in the labyrinth of wars during 1985-95 in-order-to bring an end to film piracy that has proved cancer to the film industry.

On the one hand, wars cost him his parents, on the other hand, he meets his childhood friend Dr.pooja, who has studied medicine in Vicenza, Italy. Pooja works at IIT hospital, which proves the ground for both of them to fall in love. However, Dr Pooja leaves no stone unturned to help Dev recover from the spell of entanglement he has been through, in the string-pulling with piracy mafia.

The movie has a moving plot, contains rare type of entertainment along with educating people about the worst side of piracy mafia. Not only that, clarity is at the peak with mastery that shows involvement of authorities concerned and their role at national and international level. Finally ,the movie is worth to be watched ,learnt and entertained from and has the moral to curb film piracy.

Sanjay Kumar
Tina Rana
Raza Murad
Bharat Kapoor
Alok Nath

Written By Huma Warsi
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Don Muthuswami hindi movie

Today, the film industry has been overwhelmed by corporate filmmakers. The creed that raised the industry to miles tonic height in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s has disappeared. However, one of them has reemerged with blasting roar of Don Muthuswami starring Mithun chakarbarti as the lead.

Although it’s the rip-off of the Hollywood comedy, OSCAR, starrer Sylvester Stallone but it’s not our chief concern. The film played beyond the pinch of doubt by Mithun with such a beauty and reasonability that the movie has produced substance for audience to enjoy.

Don’s father on deathbed with pain in heart disgraces mithu that he has brought shame to the name of family being a gangster. Muthus asks of him what would bring him peace. His father advices to do the just .Muthu feel it deeply and vow to change himself to a gentleman.

Don orders workmen to engage into domestic help rather than a gangster act. Don maintains a teacher to teach him urdu/hindi properly Jaikishan [Mohit Raina].His daughter sanjana[Hrishita Bhatt] mesmerized his life as hell when she announces a fake marriage and being pregnant (though it’s a lie) just to rid of marriage with pradhan don vardhan’s son proposed by Mithu to be fit. Sanjana refuses.

Preetam [Rohit Roy], Muthu’s accountant wants to marry muthu’s daughter and has been stealing to become a millionaire is also included to some good effect. There is also Ranjana [Anusmriti], who tells Muthu that she wants to marry his accountant and has told him that she is a daughter of Muthu. In the meanwhile sanajana and jaikishan fall in love that complicates the story further.

On the other hand, the movie has also flaws, it’s incapability to capture quality music though Anu Malik himself could not make it hit while the film itself seems to be one of oldies. Ashim Samanta's direction and Cinematography by [Harish Joshi] are to some extent encouraging. Insofar, Muthu is the sole caretaker of the grace of movie with Rohit Roy, Shakti kapoor and others.

As a whole it’s good for Mithun’s fans but still it takes much to rule the hearts.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Shoot On Sight hindi movie

Shoot on Sight is a political thriller that represents the intolerable times suffered by peace loving Muslims; when the cosmopolitan society like London was deeply given to racism, extremism and Islamophobism.It gripped London like a nightmare. It was the result of underground bombings in July 2005.

It’s a fictional drama dealing with London Police order of “Shoot on Sight “which was the result of underground bombings July 2005.The story revolves around the toughest circumstances to be dealt with by a Muslim officer Tariq Ali of Scotland Yard.

Ali born in Lahore and married to an English woman is employed to thoroughly investigate the shooting of a Muslim suspected terrorist. His superiors in the police and fellow Muslims of the creed do not trust him. Resultantly, he finds himself and the investigation entwined. When the investigation report came to limelight voiced the innocence of the terrorist, as well as the presence of terrorists in his own back yard Tariq realizes the very fact that sometimes, no matter what happens, we have to make the right decision at any cost.

Written By Huma Warsi
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The Last Lear hindi movie

The Last Lear is a Hindi movie, carrying the touch of Shakespearean King Lear ,based on a play by Utpal Dutt and directed by Rituparno Ghosh. The movie was premiered at 2007 and set to be released no sooner than September 12th 2008 worldwide. Where have I been? Where am I? Fairdaylight? I am mightily abused. I should e'en die with pity, to see another thus. I know not what to say. King Lear

The Indian living legend "Amitabh Bachchan" with blasting score of around 200 films is all set to perform Harish Mishra, aging Shakespearean actor, who is going to star a film whereas he is suffering from health disorder simultaneously. Further more, the story unfolded by back-to-back flashes when Harish is in coma.

Other cast include Arjun Rampal who has renovated his career with Om Shanti Om is Siddarth the movie director, and cute bollywood superstar actress Preity Zinta as Shabnam who has earned a bad name in acting pupil by Harish.This is the premier day of the film The Mask; but as the time goes on it becomes crystal clear that its not only a mere premiere but the schedule is dysfunctional too.

To add insult to injury cast and crew shown less regard to the project. Such as Harish Mishra (Amitabh Bachchan) the lead character is obviously not available without giving a bare reason. Shabnam (Preity Zinta) the co-star has fled the ground to get rid of distrusted and accusive nature of husband .Furthermore, the Director Siddarth (Arjun Rampal ) don’t cares to speak before media ,when asked for an interview, and rather looks into space blankly. Whereas, Vandana (Shefali Shetty) has gone under acid taste to get her companion well i-e Harry but he has been left aside.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan for each other

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor are totally in love and for them love is in the air. They are always seen madly in love and look like inseparable souls. And are good serve of fodder to media but always reluctant to utter a word about their relationship. But now kareena has opened up with her link up with beau saif. In a very recent interview she said, "Saif and I are made for each other and I plan to stay with him as long as I can." Bebo even went on to say: "He’s a great lover! I think he is the man I’ve been waiting for. He’s everything any woman would ask for, everything that a woman needs."

After a five-year long relationship with ex beau Shahid Kapoor, Kareena kapoor feels she has finally found a real lover in Saif. She thinks herself fortunate to be his ladylove.

The reports of their marriage are on waiting cards as they have to go a long way in their career. After the success of their recent Tashan, it is noticed that Saif and Kareena are in great demand among audiences and Bollywood top filmmakers. We wish all the luck to the couple for the career ahead.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Salman celebrates Ganpati

Salman Khan and his family celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi with a huge pomp and show at their bandra residence Galaxy Apt in Mumbai on Wednesday. The family always makes it a point to unite at every festive season and welcome the festival with open hearts. Salman enjoys the occasion to the fullest with brother Sohail Khan and Arbaaz Khan.

Salman's sister Arpita takes initiative to organize every festive ceremony and she has brought home Ganesh idol. "The entire puja is coordinated and organized by my kid sister, Arpita. We really enjoy the festivities, as we have family that comes over. We do the rituals, dance and celebrate the festival like any other family," says Sohail.
At the same time, Arbaaz said that the Khan family has always been secular and most cosmopolitan family who has never believed in religion discrimination.

"We are a very cosmopolitan and secular family. We have people from all faiths in our family and we respect all faiths and religions. Ganesh Chaturthi is another opportunity to show that people are welcome in our home. They come, pay their visits and we get to meet them," says Arbaaz.

For Salman, Sohail and Arbaaz we have to say only "Ganpati Morya".

Written By Huma Warsi
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Priyanka Chopra with Abhishek Bachchan

Hot and happening babe Priyanka Chopra will again show her sexy and action filled avatar in coming up film Goldie Behl's Dronna.
She is all set to groove with oomph attitude in her skimpy clothes with Abhishek Bachchan in a song by Sunidhi Chauhan. The song is already creating ripples and is taken as one of the hottest current item numbers. Priyanka has sizzled in many movies and she will really sizzle again dynamically with Abhi and as everyone thinks their combination is red hot.

Now let’s talk about the oomph item track, the director said, "It’s the feminine version of the title track, sung by Sunidhi Chauhan and choreographed by Ahmed Khan. Sonia is a strong and aggressive character who can't help but look hot. Sonia has to be the sexiest bodyguard in the world. After all, she was Miss World!"
Priyanka Chopra is playing a very healthy and strong character; she also feels this song to be a USP of the movie as it has highlighted her some feeling for Drona.

It is very highly energetic and said to be another version of the title track. She is optimistic and positive about the song that the audience would definitely like it.

Written By Huma warsi
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Rakhi Sawant Item Number

Rakhi Sawant is the dancing queen and is known for her dance steps quite well. She is undoubtedly the number one dancer of item tarcks in Hindi films. She has done many item songs in Hindi movies and is looking forward to tap her feet more and more movies with some stage performances and also televison anchoring in coming years. How can we forget her latest hit item song Dekhta Hai Tu Kya from the flick Krazzy 4?

After this she is now all set for her first period item number. She will be seen performing to Bichua which is in Vikram Bhatt's romantic supernatural thriller 1920.

The song has been sung by Shubha Mudgal and quite surprisingly her voice actually suits Rakhi sawant, and those will believe who have seen the visuals of the song. As it can be seen Rakhi has done total justice to the song, as she always does. The track is worth listening and more worth watching which would have been incomplete without sizzling Rakhi. Be it 1920 or 2008 it looks like Rakhi's item numbers are always ready to set the screen on fire and take away everyone’s heart.

Written By Huma Warsi
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Himesh Reshammiya to Drop the Burkha

Last year, news flashed when Himesh Reshammiya made headlines every where by donning a burkha and visiting the Ajmer Dargah Sharief before the release of his first film. That news was quite astonishing and it did not go quite well with dargah authorities. But still after all this Himesh is planning to do it all over again. We think burkha tactics is a bit strange as Himesh is not a super star. His next coming up film is Karzzz releasing on October 17 for which he has decided to visit the Ajmer Sharief dargah again and that also next week to get the blessings of Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti. But this that he will not hide behind the veils and has promised to take proper permission from authorities Karzzzz's promos are being aired and have already created a stir in the audience. The director Satish Kaushik has managed to make a good remake of Subhash Ghai's original super hit Karz by good music, look and the ambience.

Reports also say that the actor will soon be seen performing to the remix of Madhuri Dixit number Ek Do Teen for his coming up next film. It is A New Love story, with cast a newcomer Niharika Singh.

Written By Huma Warsi
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