Friday, July 11, 2008

Ayesha Takia says no to big breast

Beautiful Ayesha Takia would soon be losing the assets she has been known for.

This Bollywood babe is facing a lot of problems due to the big boob job which she had done few years ago. After the surgery this gorgeous girl surely gained plus sized breasts but the actress is now thinking of reducing it back to normal. Like other Hollywood actress she is on the right way, a good healthy body is better than the pair of big breast.

Sources reveal that because of heavy sized breasts she is having a lot of pain on her shoulders. This is the cause why doctors have advised this actress to go through a surgery and reduce her bust size.

The actress may have won best debutant award in 2004 for Tarzan: The Wonder Car, but in her long career of four years it’s only 2006 release Dor that her acting talent were been appreciated by both the critics and masses.

We would have to wait and see whether this surgery would bring luck back to her or it would affect the beauty and career of this wonder girl in some other way. Meanwhile the surgery is scheduled to take place in next month at Lilavati hospital.

Hope Ayesha has consulted her boyfriend Farhan Azmi before signaling green to the doctors.
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