Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frozen movie 2009

Frozen features McKoen’s ,first filmmaking adventure, smartness by putting into use emotions, psychopath intentions in the same drama that turns out to be a masterpiece thriller without going up to knees into anything that keeps the story at arms strength to keep the concentration of audience captured for hours.

A puzzled character, Kath (Henderson), is being absorbed into her sister’s mysterious disappearance. Life mean nothing to her but the only hope is priest (Seth) who she sees much often for counseling. In the meanwhile, when all the ships have been burnt to ashes a security videotape proves to the last straw to catch on, she never gave up.

Henderson has the capability to put the role to reality that the audience could hardly forget a dialogue or move she made. Having done a chain of casual comedies she has given her career a positive move that has brought her acting to the limelight of singular identity. She does not look only sexy in the movie but damn real while playing that the audience might forget who actually the story is about. Not only her, but the rest of cast has done a good deal performance.

However, the whole credit goes to the bucket of McKoen who has ability to capture beauty and mix well the other character as borderline. A part from it, McKoen has chained the beads so well with mastery that we could not detach the on part from another until the story’s end.

Notwithstanding the real story, there are flaws as well or somewhat disarrangement of the coincidences like (the police station is closed? Dial 999).On the other hand, the story, at the very start, seems to be so real that no one would ever suspect it end happily as it does. Whatsoever, as every movie has something to go for, the acting and directing has given chance to make it last a Showtime.

Written By Huma Warsi

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