Sunday, September 7, 2008

Manthan Ek Kashmakash hindi movie

This thriller adventure is about underworld gang wars. The lead character, Dev, shown as a nuclear specialist approved by the defense ministry to be trained, further, in IIT Powai. As he is entangled in the labyrinth of wars during 1985-95 in-order-to bring an end to film piracy that has proved cancer to the film industry.

On the one hand, wars cost him his parents, on the other hand, he meets his childhood friend Dr.pooja, who has studied medicine in Vicenza, Italy. Pooja works at IIT hospital, which proves the ground for both of them to fall in love. However, Dr Pooja leaves no stone unturned to help Dev recover from the spell of entanglement he has been through, in the string-pulling with piracy mafia.

The movie has a moving plot, contains rare type of entertainment along with educating people about the worst side of piracy mafia. Not only that, clarity is at the peak with mastery that shows involvement of authorities concerned and their role at national and international level. Finally ,the movie is worth to be watched ,learnt and entertained from and has the moral to curb film piracy.

Sanjay Kumar
Tina Rana
Raza Murad
Bharat Kapoor
Alok Nath

Written By Huma Warsi

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