Sunday, September 7, 2008

Don Muthuswami hindi movie

Today, the film industry has been overwhelmed by corporate filmmakers. The creed that raised the industry to miles tonic height in 60’s, 70’s and 80’s has disappeared. However, one of them has reemerged with blasting roar of Don Muthuswami starring Mithun chakarbarti as the lead.

Although it’s the rip-off of the Hollywood comedy, OSCAR, starrer Sylvester Stallone but it’s not our chief concern. The film played beyond the pinch of doubt by Mithun with such a beauty and reasonability that the movie has produced substance for audience to enjoy.

Don’s father on deathbed with pain in heart disgraces mithu that he has brought shame to the name of family being a gangster. Muthus asks of him what would bring him peace. His father advices to do the just .Muthu feel it deeply and vow to change himself to a gentleman.

Don orders workmen to engage into domestic help rather than a gangster act. Don maintains a teacher to teach him urdu/hindi properly Jaikishan [Mohit Raina].His daughter sanjana[Hrishita Bhatt] mesmerized his life as hell when she announces a fake marriage and being pregnant (though it’s a lie) just to rid of marriage with pradhan don vardhan’s son proposed by Mithu to be fit. Sanjana refuses.

Preetam [Rohit Roy], Muthu’s accountant wants to marry muthu’s daughter and has been stealing to become a millionaire is also included to some good effect. There is also Ranjana [Anusmriti], who tells Muthu that she wants to marry his accountant and has told him that she is a daughter of Muthu. In the meanwhile sanajana and jaikishan fall in love that complicates the story further.

On the other hand, the movie has also flaws, it’s incapability to capture quality music though Anu Malik himself could not make it hit while the film itself seems to be one of oldies. Ashim Samanta's direction and Cinematography by [Harish Joshi] are to some extent encouraging. Insofar, Muthu is the sole caretaker of the grace of movie with Rohit Roy, Shakti kapoor and others.

As a whole it’s good for Mithun’s fans but still it takes much to rule the hearts.

Written By Huma Warsi

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