Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shoot On Sight hindi movie

Shoot on Sight is a political thriller that represents the intolerable times suffered by peace loving Muslims; when the cosmopolitan society like London was deeply given to racism, extremism and Islamophobism.It gripped London like a nightmare. It was the result of underground bombings in July 2005.

It’s a fictional drama dealing with London Police order of “Shoot on Sight “which was the result of underground bombings July 2005.The story revolves around the toughest circumstances to be dealt with by a Muslim officer Tariq Ali of Scotland Yard.

Ali born in Lahore and married to an English woman is employed to thoroughly investigate the shooting of a Muslim suspected terrorist. His superiors in the police and fellow Muslims of the creed do not trust him. Resultantly, he finds himself and the investigation entwined. When the investigation report came to limelight voiced the innocence of the terrorist, as well as the presence of terrorists in his own back yard Tariq realizes the very fact that sometimes, no matter what happens, we have to make the right decision at any cost.

Written By Huma Warsi

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