Sunday, August 3, 2008

straight hindi movie

The man behind the success of Bheja Fry, Vinay Pathak and former Miss India Gul Panag would soon be seen together in the forthcoming film Straight. Directed by Paravati Balagopalan features others including Anuj Chaudhary, Siddhartha Makkar, Achala Sachdev, Damandeep Singh Baggan, Ketki Dave, Rasik Dave.

Pinu, played by Vinay is a restaurateur in London of Indian origin who owns the restaurant named Gaylord in central London. A decently well off businessman, Pinu lives with his Gujju family in the far off land since his parents died of a plane crash. His family including Jaisukh kaka, his wife kanta kaki and rajat, their only son. The pure hearted guy, is though quiet insecure and lacks confidence in anything. According to him, his life is a mysterious mixture of tragedies and comedies. One of the major reasons for his underlying confidence is his virginity. He is quiet ashamed of the fact that he has never shared any kind of intimate moment with any female. Another reason being his fear that people would make fun of him and laugh at him. Which is very common in his day to day life. Lack of friends, and the only friend , Rajat, his cousin, being a rockstar is an added annoyance for the poor chap as he makes him feel all the more inferior by his well built body and his profession of singing for a rock band.

This is an IDream production movie which has a long list of hits in its belly of various genres.

Written By Prachi Mehta

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