Sunday, December 9, 2007

Qurbani Remake - Neha Dhupia & Zeenat Amaan

Qurbani Remake, Neha DhupiaWhat do you think viewers! Bollywood hottie actress Neha Dhupia deserves the glamorous image like seventy’s fiery actress Zeenat Amaan. Now it may be clear because Neha Dhupia has been chosen for the lead actress in the remake of Feroz Khan’s hit movie Qurbani. Bollywood most stylish director Feroz Khan has decided to make a fresh version of his own blockbuster movie.  Even many bollywood hot cakes beauties were in Feroz Khan’s memory like Murder Queen Mallika Sherawat etc but finally Neha Dhupia resembled as Zeenat Amaan to Feroz Khan.

If you didn’t forget the two piece scene of Neha Dhupia in her first movie ‘Qayamat’ you easily guess how she attracted this director. Heartthrob Fardeen Khan is the main hero in the film and Saif Ali Khan selected as supporting actor in the role of Vinod Khanna. Feroz Khan made the hit movies like Qubani and Zaabanz which proved big hits in the cinemas. So this wouldn’t be easy for Feroz Khan to re-create his movie and Fardeen Khan could act like his Dad.

qurbani remake

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LuckyKabutar said...

i think some movies should not be remade, however some movies need to be shown to younger generations. Perhaps this movie can be remade into something that the GenX can enjoy.

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