Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ramchand Pakistani hindi movie

You cannot slot it in the row of typical bollywood masala movies; where only ketchup (as blood) is commonplace to be seen, even more. Than a hero…when the extra has the bullet in heart or has the bullet near lips, he dies with tongue out so that, at least, he could taste it the ketchup…jokes apart…!!!

Mehreen Jabbar, undoubtedly skilled, has tried her hand well at the project and secured unique status of a fine movie maker with Ramchand Pakistani. Though it is her ever-first attempt at a feature film not only it was to make a good movie, she really has been through successfully with an uncommon masterpiece.
She let the story flow easily, without any exaggeration with such nicety that it turns out to be a reality that mehreen jabber is quite better than the many. Cinematography, the acting, casting and the dialogue delivery all have been performed with absolute skills.

Fazal Hussain, the lead character Ramchand, is a boy, with marvelous sense of acting. He is simply a good performer. While the dialogue delivery, you won’t feel absurdity at all. He is young but emotional as well as wise.
Ahid Farooqi has executed remarkably fine piece of acting with Ramchand and other fellows in the cell. However the environment that has been shown by the director is of bare reality.

In nut shelled form, Ramchand Pakistani, has much to attract the cinema goers, in order to attract them. Apart from it, it could be part of the revival attempt for cinema-going in Pakistan that has been lackluster for past few years.

Written By Huma Warsi

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pinky said...

hmm lets wait for it when they get it ripped on dvds... as well..

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