Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kung fu panda movie

This is a fun movie and an entertainer pretty much the whole way through, it doesn’t run past a buck and a half in runtime, but ultimately seems more geared toward kids and their McDonald’s Happy Meals. The film will crack you up here and there, particularly from the one-liners that are delivered by the lead character. It’s a fun to watch in terms of the many characters, the colorful environments, the lush Chinese decors, but ultimately a good story. “Panda is fat and must train to become Dragon Warrior”. It has some Training, fighting, training, fighting…fat jokes, more training, more fighting. You will enjoy many of the fat jokes, most of the training stuff also and the fighting. I said that this film is probably geared more toward kids.

Some of the secondary characters are fun, like Tai Lung, the kick ass baddie who can NOT be stopped. Every character in the film is top-notch warriors who kicked ass and still don’t get hurt.

It’s a totally recommended movie to kids and if you’re a parent, you’re definitely not going to be bored. The music is good and the movie is funny.

Written By Huma Warsi

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