Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Wanted movie

Brangelina jolie, with her tattooed, slim-cum-strong and undoubtedly lethal body, brought us an unbelievingly modernized and regardless of mere praise flick, has shaken the cinema doors with roaring background score.

A man misses a bullet that scores death of a woman sitting before him. Surprisingly, he runs but returns with highest velocity nearly matching speed of light smashes out of office glass, produces 9mm and scores death of enemies with each bullet. Hang on a second! Fickle minded moviegoers, the predefined outstanding shooting scenes are just meant to attract your attention to stay with eyes wide open; the flick is just another Matrix and Matrix sequel, with some unreasonable shooting stunts that have no legal grounds to be taken for granted. Director Timur Bekmambetov has not come up with outstanding Hollywood flick except Ms.Angelina.

Mr.Bekmambetov is a Russian filmmaker who has secured a dominant position with early thrillers like ‘Day Watch ‘and ‘Night Watch’. He could be said praiseworthy, in one respect or another, because he has a genius to put into use empty but noisy tools; __the ultimate fighting sequences with bullets inside-out in slow motion, sometimes strikes to opponent’s bullet and pierces into, at quite a countable stages bullet breaks and bears the matter inside. But to Bekhmambetov’s brilliance he has shown skillful manifestation.

The basic story of “Wanted” has been taken from a comic book series by Mark Millar and J.G.Jones that circulates around a pusillanimous cubicle drone, Wesley, who has been, at length, conceptualized in the story line. Wesley’s accomplice is played by Ms. Jolie, Brad Pitt’s real life partner who played the same in Fight Club and befriended Mr. Norton. Wanted has plot unlike Fight Club as well. The familiarity is _reduced bullet motion, air ripped-to-let exceed a man faster than it like “Matrix”
The repetition is everywhere, rats exploring rotten stuff, background music is set to produce bang and boom to let viewers chew their own teeth. Many stories are grinded to produce this one. Ms. Angelina Jolie (Fox) and the head Morgan Freeman home worked to get Wesley becomes a killing master. Further more, to sustain agony and learn the trick to swing a bullet. Morgan Freeman, he, seems to be tired. Wesley, finally, discovers the evil effect and, in the end, having learnt everything, stands against his own gang. Jolie dies.

Written By Huma Warsi

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