Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Righteous kill movie

After seeing 88 Minutes, Righteous Kill is not to be feared of a bad movie .John Avent’s directed Righteous Kill was not a bad Pacino flick, after Revolution. But to ordinary luck of the movie, whoever had starred the movie it would have certainly hit theatres. The list of such cop movies is endless; they hit theatres anyway, brought on DVDs, blaze in magazines and everywhere such movies The Flock, Edison, The Wicker Man and Day of the Dead have rampaged the simplistic cop movie definition. Those choosy but loose Directors have to make just another film to be in the business, so they attract big actors Al-Pacino, Robert Deniro, Richard Gere and Nicholas Cage.

Regarding, Righteous Kill, it is almost impossible to think what attracted DE-Niro and Pacino to do that movie. The movie has not got anything to offer, even to this extent, it could not be said a bad thriller movie. Though it is not the Heat, but is it only not the Heat…!! The story has been ripped off ,as it seems to be so ,that of the two movies Inside Man ,and framing device has been used by Gewirtz to tell the story. As the movie un curtains the first scene, it is about the bad guy. And the plot is known but it goes on. The director tried to come up with a surprise, as it proved a failure, to prove that a huge twist but “alas to our presence of mind, we cannot take it as he tried to “.Anyone who has seen a few episodes of Dexter or with present mind could hint out what is going to reveal..

Both the big and old fellows’ got to work something really good out then such useless movies…

Written By Huma Warsi

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