Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Amitabh teaches Abhishek

JR Bachchan, Abhishek is to host a show where is supposed to chit-chat with Big B’s Den on NDTV. However, as we have noticed that Amitabh, Shah Rukh, Salman, Akshay, Govinda and Sunil Shetty have hosted variety shows and now Abhi turned JR Bachchan is to blaze the small screen.

Abhi hosts show and breaks a good conversation with his Father Bachchan in the hot seat that served him to secure a few more established things out his father’s experienced mind. He demonstrated to the best of his intellectual skills with a series of queries about Unforgettable Tour but Pa proved Pa by cracking each nut carefully without disturbing the fruit inside and answered well. As soon as the break times gives Abhi a little while to breathe well Pa strikes back and leaves Abhi astonished with his mouth left open wide apart.

Amitabh echoed with his thunder like hoarse accent in the break and commented Abhi over taking a commercial break that he got to be witty and stylish while announcing a break but to Abhi’s surprise he went to a great extent and said.
"Hey, you don't know the style of how to go on a break. You are conducting the program, na? I'll show you how to do it. Just say, so ladies and gentlemen lot more yet to be disclosed. Don't go anywhere and stay tuned. We'll be right back after a small break!"

Lets all say with in a single voice “Old is gold” or “Papa gee tuwada jawab nahen “

Written By Huma Warsi


pinky said...

Abhi has turned a better heartthrobe but still if his teacehs him something he should absorb it .
is it true or not ???

Riya said...

it's turned termite bitten.

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