Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Acid factory hindi movie

After Woodstock Villa, the White Feather Films strikes again with Acid Factory. The story enrooted with plot about emotions, memoirs and criminal vendetta. Its heavy loaded with casting of Fardeen khan, Diya Mirza, Irfan Khan, Manoj Bajpai, Dino Morea, Aftab Shivdasani and Dany Denzongpa.hsssssss…tiresome but amazing almost the whole bollywood, so there must be something wonderful.

It is about the story of a man who commits crime but his mind could not secure the fact about that, I-e his memory fades or flies off every next day, whatever, he does... and a person who has not been into committing a crime but his memory too flown to air and smoke; to worst of his luck he has not been given release by luck or law.Therefore, he has been up-to-knees sufferes self denial by memory lapses. Unreasoned, unprotected held within his own self...

The whole story of “Acid Factory” smashes against the wall of reality that depicts a group of the people with memory gone to never lands. They were the maniacs, emotionals.lovers or most probably the schizophrenics. They are together but they cannot entrust anything to anyone because they cant or don’t trust because of the haunting soul in past or rather the relief from the past.Hence, they are the pastless ones. The confusion dawns everywhere in the move, they imagine things happening and the movie plot just scrolls down then.

The uncertainty and panic has been captured greatly. The bunch of these guys has no past so how could they trust…?? No future plans but at least they have a future…so what happens next??? What will happen next …what if the fellows, all of them, stood against one….anything can happen….so get you pass ready for a good and moving flick “The Acid Factory”?

Written By Huma Warsi

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pinky said...

White feather mixes many stories so even if u dont like one story u certainly would fall for the other...
i dont know about others but im sure about myself ..

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