Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Dark Knight movie

The Christian Bale starred The Dark Knight that has created its unique place among other superhero films. It differs, however, owing to its being, little bit different plot than the most superhero movies unlike Spiderman, Batman Begins, Batman forever and Superman .Christopher Nolan proved himself such a stunner of a follow-up to 2005’s Batman Begins. The story belongs to a comic book with not dazzling but spectacular and uncommonly thrilling but amusing action stunts. Christian Bale, with a record of many Box-office hits, and Heath ledger, formerly starred of Broke back Mountain, A Knight’s Tale and Brave Heart as a supporting actor has played a clown. The rawness in this artistically brought up universe is of witness able observance, a broken-heart guy in black suit, whose only hope is, no more, to live happily with former girlfriend; and a villain, Heath Ledger, in a clowns outfits with such a rare presence of himself. The Dark Knight has produced, comparatively, a fine work. The trouble is that Batman, a.k.a. playboy Bruce Wayne, has had it up to here with being the white knight. He's pissed that the public sees him as a vigilante. He'll leave the hero stuff to district attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) and stop the DA from moving in on Rachel Dawes (feisty Maggie Gyllenhaal, in for sweetie Katie Holmes), the lady love who is Batman's only hope for a normal life.

Nothing gleams less to be called avoidable like a sin in Gotham City, shot on location in Chicago, cinematographer Wally Pfister brings such a sensibility to a cartoon fantasy. The bad guys play so well ,take the joker, as robes a bank of all its money with his fellows like robbing his own home, no burglar alarms, security at risk, shoots his all accomplices, drives the money home. Whereas, Christian Bale plays of The Batman with modern machinery out of his conscience to rescue common people and public places. But Heath Ledger is superlative. His crazy joker, with fabricated but reasonable decisions as a successful villain would take us to surprise and the only escape is to remind us is “it’s a comic story”. No mask for the clown, his face is of a clown with moldy makeup , a red scar apparently of a grin, semi-curled but long hair ,to him a knife is superior to a gun “savor the movement”..

The clown presents the last but completed role for Ledger who died of a heavy doze in January at 28. Watch him crash a party and circle Rachel, the beautiful lady who is loved more by Bale (batman) and married to Eckhart’s DA... "Hello, beautiful," says the Joker, sniffing Rachel like a feral beast. He's right when he compares himself to a dog chasing a car. Later on, the clown says;” I chose chaos “when beaten hard but to real damages and even he make them realize the fact that they have taken him lightly. He, the joker, wants Batman to choose chaos as well; he believes humanity is what you lose when you are busy making plans to get power
Nolan has dawn his skills once again with The Dark Knight. A world class filmmaker, be it Memento, Insomnia or The Prestige he is errorless.

Written By Huma Warsi

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pinky said...

hmmm alrite ,,if u guys are sure i will go for this one.. to see how heath ledger plays a clown in his last posthumous flick

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