Saturday, August 2, 2008

Horn Ok Please - Hindi movie

Rakesh Sarang directed, Nana Patekar’s next, Horn OK Pleassss is a comedy of errors, which revolves around a self made millionaire, Govinda, Nana Patekar, who is proud of his journey through the truck traveling to become a tycoon and thus even when he owns a Mercedes, prefers to travel in his truck. Rimi Sen, who plays his wife, is his biggest obsession such that he is an ardent believer in love.

One day, he saves Ajay (Muzammil Ibrahim) who was on the verge of committing suicide because his girl friend got married to someone. Nana explains him the purity of love and suggests the only way to get his love back is to kill the girl’s husband for which they think of the plan. Behind everything, what Nana and Ibrahim don’t know is that Ibrahim’s ex girl friend, Rimi is now nana’s wife and they have been plotting the murder of Nana itself.

The story twists when enters the look alike of Ajay, Rocky who has his love interest. The story has been penned down by P.L. Mayekar & Rakesh Sarang and is produced by Abdol Samee Siddiqui. While the music has been given by Latit Pandit, the lyrics have been written by Alim Bijnori and Sajid Farhaad, The choreographer is none other than Ganesh Aacharya and the renowned Raju Khan.


Anonymous said...

horn ok please the movie made for free. sunrise productions cheaters word has it fro a friend in dubai that they did not pay for the shoots in dubai and have managed to run away owing a lot of people moey in dubai jyoti the staff from sunrise production masterpeice of a crrok i hear. with so many people doomed i bet the film will be doom

Anonymous said...

horn ok please movie sunrise productions crooks i tell you pay up its high time

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