Friday, August 3, 2007

Pooja Bhatt slapped Muzammil

muzammil ibrahim, pooja bhatt, modelActress Pooja Bhatt once again in argues because of her Slapping event with Muzammil Ibrahim. Pooja has known for her aggressive and rigorous nature with her stars in Bollywood. According to few sources, she slapped her debut hero Muzammil who is the hero of Pooja’s upcoming movie Dhoka. All have known that the star actress converting in direction whose began her directorial career with PAAP in 2003 which starred John Abraham and Udita Goswami.

Her next coming movie Dhoka is based on the prisoners in the jail of Jammu &Kashmir. The model Muzammil is playing the role of a police officer in the film. He couldn’t act out in a scene and not applied the proper expression. Consequently, Pooja lost her temper and rewarded poor Muzammil.

Antecedently, she had lost her temper on her cousin Smiley at the set of her movie Holiday when Smiley was not giving a shot properly.She married popular Channel V host Udham Singh, whose original name is Muneer Makija and owns a restaurant-bar in Goa. Muzammil Ibrahim is a super model who originally belongs to state of Jammu & Kashmir. He is also the winner of the Gladrags Manhunt Contest in 2003 and the Rashtrapati Award for bravery in 1994 (Jeevan Raksha Padak) for saving a boy from drowning in 1992.

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