Friday, June 20, 2008

My Friend Ganesha 2

"My Friend Ganesha" was one of the biggest super-hit films of last year. It is still popular with everybody, particularly children. Within a span of one eon, the film was telecast on television 53 spells – roughly every week – a record of molds.

The famousness of INDIA's First composite animation film is so wonderful that Mr. Ajhai Acharya of BABA Arts Limited has joined hands with the entire team & have completed its sequel – "My Supporter Ganesha II" which is scheduled for release this July, and they are so confident of the movie that the drive for "My Friend Ganesha III" has already started.

In "My Friend Ganesha", the animated testimonial Ganesha had learnt a few English words. Now, in the sequel, he plays a Westernised Ganesha; with a guitar in hand, donning bermuda shorts, a tattoo and a cap, speaking more English formulates.

Recently a huge set was erected at Filmistan Studios where director Rajiv S Ruia and choreographer Lollypop were picturising a song for the film. Director Rajiv S Ruia, who had also directed the first version, was utterance that children would love the song sequence as well as the film. It was evident from the reactions from the children who were participants in the song; they were thoroughly enjoying the song sequence.

Rajiv S Ruia says that likewise or less the entire technical crew, which was associated with the first part, have been retained; only the outcome is produced by renowned banner Baba Professions Limited, known for its multi-starcast blockbusters.
"While making the first part I and my writer Sachindra Sharma decided that if the film becomes a hit we will go for its sequel. Since the film was a big hit, we made the sequent and now we will launch the third part," says Rajiv S Ruia.

"My Friend Ganesha II" features, besides dashing Ganesha, Break Ali, Harsh Chhaya, Bhairavi Goswami, Suhasini Mulay, Sulbha Deshpande and Upasana Singh..

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