Friday, June 20, 2008

Malika's Desire Comes True

Yes, she is Mallika, a queen in the right sense as she wants things to happen according to her pant. Mallika has finally managed to get her favourite leader and good friend Sanjay Chel to write and zero in Ravi Valia’s Fauj Main Mauj which was almost complete.

Tuning to an assiduity insider FMM was prior directed by director Murali Nagavally. Apparently Mallika, who plays the role of the sexiest woman in the district who joins the Army, was not happy with the film. Nonetheless the movie was delayed because of Mallika’s dates. Not just that she didn’t like her cast in the film thus she compelled her makers to take Sanjay Chhel whom she shares a actual rapport. Thus producer Ravi Walia had no alternative but to gesticulate him and re shoot the entire film.

Chhel who made Maan Gaye Mughl E Azam confirms, "Yes I am right now rewriting the script of Fauj Main Mauj . It will be different from the anterior film as I am going to re shoot it. When asked about the star cast he said, "I won’t be able to talk about it right now as I am still writing its script but yes Mallika will be definitely part of it."

Even the film’s producer Ravi Walia who is all set to release his next De Taali was reluctant to talk. When we claimed he yea that the previous film had not shaped up well which compelled him to board this decision. He said "I was not happy with the previous film hence we intent to re shoot the entire film. Removed from Mallika, Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav will be there in the film. Sanjay Chhel will set this spell. "

This development is hardly new as Mallika is known for calling the shots. But for an actress in Bollywood, it certainly is....


Naresh said...

Mallika... Vow.. She is hot and gorgeous.. put some more picture of her.. buddy...

Ridhima said...

Well seems like the queen is tryin to make her kingdom...hope Sanjay Chel can get some quality acting stuff from her. BTW, any idea about who is doing the music of the movie? Hope Sanjay Chel chooses some nice melodies for this one.
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