Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hulla hindi movie

Hulla Hindi Movie

This upcoming, 110 minute movie, written and directed by Jaideep Verma is a comedy drama proving to be Sushant Singh’s debutorial as a full fledged hero who was last seen on the powerful serial Virrudh featuring Smriti Irani. His co-star list comprising of Rajat Kapoor, Kartikadevi Rane, Mandeep Mazumdar, Vrajesh Hirjee and Chandrachood Karnik. Interestingly, the complete music of the flick has been given by the famous band Indian Ocean.

The story revolves around the fights of this small trader and a stockbroker. Raj, a stock broker and Abha, a marketing professional, both doing good at their workplace, take up a two bedroom flat in a suburb of Mumbai, in a residential complex away from the madness of the city. Quiet happy of achieving this, considering how difficult it is to get a good residentuial place in Mumbai, the couple lives happily, when Raj realizes that there is some noise that is screeching his head and not letting him sleep, realizing that it is the whistle that the chowkidaar has been blowing. He requests him not to do it, but gets a negative answer such that the chowkidaar advices him to talk to Janardhan, the new secretary of the complex. The next morning, his plea to the secretary is shunned, and after a lot of requests, an alternative solution is sought out, that they would replace the whistle with the banging of the stick on the road. But all the compromises in vain, Raj is still sleep driven and irritated and soon the two become foes and unknowingly do a lot of bad for each other. Now, what happens is to be seen in the flick.

Written By Prachi Mehta

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