Monday, August 4, 2008

Hari Puttar hindi movie

The story revolves around a 10 year old boy named Zain Khan playing the character of Hari Prasad Dhoonda, also known by the name of Hari puttar. His family has just shifted from India to the U.K. where his father Mr. Dhoonda, played by Zakir Khan has been allotted a defense assignment which is super secretive and the whole thing to be hidden is stored in a chip for safety. The role of his mother is being played by Sarika, who was lately seen in the comedy flick, Bheja Fry. The other prominent cast includes Jackie Shroff and Lilette Dubey, who play the characters of Hari’s uncle and aunt respectively.

The movie has bits and pieces in similarity with the Hollywood series of, Home Alone. As Jackie Shroff, his wife and his boss’ children come over to visit Hari’s residence, the whole house is filled with about ten children who tend to bully him and make him feel naïve. His uncle moreover plans a trip for everyone, but the poor Hari has been punished by his mother to stay in the attic bedroom for the whole night before they have to leave. The next day, in a super rush situation, the family realizes that they have left Hari and his cousin, played by Swini, back home. But this realization is too late as they have completed half the journey. At first the two scared children are scared, but as the time passes, they start enjoying the freedom, just when they get to know that his father’s secretive chip is on the verge of being stolen by a don Kaali Mirchi and his gang. The movie is a laughter riot which proceeds with how the naïve boy turns into a young hero by saving the chip using his brains and by the support of his cousin.

Hari Puttar Alias Hari Putar Alias Indian Harry Potter :)

Written By Prachi Mehta

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