Friday, August 29, 2008

Dil Kabaddi: Hindi Movie

Irfan Khan is making a lot of news these days. Be it for his Billoo Barber or the umpteen films in his hands, he sure is a celeb in all the limelight.

Irfan Khan is on a new project named Dil Kabaddi, which he calls an out an out adult film. It deals with the relationship of a man and a woman and the amount of honesty and dishonesty in it. He plays the character of a guy who is sexually quite adventurous and it is heard that he was so excited out the role that he exchanged it with Rahul Bose. He expresses his eagerness to play such a challenging role for he says he has never played something like this before and explains that the movie would be a must watch for all the adult couples who have been trying to find emotional and sexual satisfactions from others.

His next film is Billoo Barber with Shah Rukh Khan.

Written By Prachi Mehta

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himanshu said...

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