Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bollywood kids at the top

It’s amazing how little kids have been topping the acting charts even beating pros of double their age. Be it the advertisement sectors or big meaty roles which demand some of the most intense acting skills, these kids have taken up the jobs with all the élan. Some of the top notch child artists are:

1.Darsheel Safari: The boy has hit fortune after the super block buster Taare Zameen Par, and why not, his performance was at a level which is at par with the industry’s best performers. The kid has brought laurels to the family by bringing back tons of awards for his commendable performance. He has been roped in for a new project titled Children of Heaven by Majid Majidi. He charges: Rs 75 lakhs.
2.Swini Khara: Famous for her role of sexy in Cheeni Kum, she has also been seen in the telly serial Baa Bahoo aur Baby and has skills par excellence. Surprisingly, she is the topper of her class and scored an amazing 98% in the year she was shooting for Cheeni Kum. She charges: 6-15 lakhs.
3.Ahsaas Channa: She has the latest Ramu flick, Phoonk bringing thunderous applauds for her and she is surely on cloud number nine. She charges: 6-15 lakhs.

Written By Prachi Mehta

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