Saturday, November 10, 2007

taare zameen par - stars on earth

taarein zameen parCine star Aamir Khan is busy in establish his production house very firmly. In this creation he started his first film Lagaan which had gone to the Oscar. Now Aamir Khan is coming as Producer and director through the film Taare Zameen Par (Stars On Earth) OR Taarein Zameen Per. The film has shoot out in the Filmcity and Mehboob studios for the children. The bollywood favourite choreographer Shimak Davar has set up the movie and the story writer is Amol Gupte.

Aamir Khan is well known for his sensibility and intensity in making the films. This spirit of Aamir will now continue in Taare Zameen Par. The music of the film has a lot of variety and real in listening composed by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy and many more . There is no item number and Pyaar-mohabbat saga. Aamir Khan is also acted in the film with the other artists as Tisca Chopra, Tanay Chheda and Darsheel Safary. Taare Zameen Par would appear in December 21st, 2007 at the big screen.

Taare Zameen per Video Promo

taare zameen par



Ravi said...

hey Sameera,

just wanna say..thank you for visiting my blog and leaving ur valuable comments mam :)

Take care!


Anonymous said...

Why have they wrongly spelled Taarein as Taare? The filmmakers sound like dim-witted people who didn't study much in school and got poor grades. Or they sound like dim-witted youngsters of today who spell words all wrong like spelling hoon as hu, karoon as karu etc.

Sameera said...

Taarein is the right word but i think its to match the theme of the movie. Childish background, childish name etc etc..

divya said...

wonderful movie!!
the movie of my dreams if i am given an oppurtunity to take a film..

giving knowledge,enlighening...way different from masala movies,nice acting bringing out new talent,
nice direction....

wht else...
a must watch!!

anjan said...

one of the finest films i have seen in recent times. Sensitive and passionate. Shows how we need to look beyond the obvious to bring out the best in people and transform lives.

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