Sunday, June 8, 2008

Mallika Sherawat ready to be 'Revealed'

Bollywood's life girl Mallika Sherawat, who has signalized for a woman-centric Hollywood film "Unclothed" to be directed by Bill Bannerman, lures it 'a once-in-a-term opportunity'.
"It's a glorious anecdote - component thriller, part intellectual drama, ingredient film noir... It was so secure paced and exciting and so well written, I couldn't put it down for a second," said Mallika.
"And the icing on the petrify was that it's a story from the point of view of a woman -- a woman who has connections with triunity men from different continents, and she goes from an ultra-traditional Muslim circumstance to an revolutionary-liberal Western one. This is a script I could never say no to," she added.
Bannerman is Clint Eastwood's subsidiary director and has been honoured by the Leader's Society of America as the best collateral director for "Unforgiven", the film, which went on to win Oscar awards for best director and outdo film.
About casting the Indian actress, Bannerman said: "I was stamped by Mallika's acting prowess in 'Murder' and knew by instinct that she will be competent to do justice to the share flat."
Praising the actress forward Bannerman said he was taken aback by her level of professionalism and was surprised to find out that she doesn't have a larger body of task and that Bollywood had not tapped the gift as yet.
Bannerman has a phenomenal resume, which includes four films with Clint Eastwood -- "Unforgiven", "Bridges of Madison County", "A Perfect World" and "Absolute Powerfulness".
He has further worked as the betterment executive for "Payback", "Mission Impossible", and "Star Trip: Key Contact" and was the executive producer for "The Grudge 2" and "Walking Tall".
Bannerman is directing the feature film with his consultant Eastwood's thanksgiving.
Deliberating about the film, Bannerman said: "'Unveiled' is a film back a Muslim woman who has two husbands and a lover. It is a twisted film noir, sexy thriller and dark drama.
It is the foremost Hollywood film to mark a female Muslim protagonist.
Describing the character, to be played by Mallika, he said: "Behind the bleak burqa (veil), there reposes a sexy, manipulative victim, who's dangerous as well as in grave danger."
He had been facing at all possibilities in casting for the lead share. Though Hillary Swank and Penelope Cruz had shown interest, Bannerman penuryed the actress to be a South Asian or from the Middle East who'll comprehend the character of a Muslim woman from the Middle East and lend a degree of validity in spans of intonation, body language, knowledge of customs among other features..

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