Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lavishing stars in realty shows: what makes it tick?

salman Ordinary citizens could never have dreamt just in their dreams that  hey would get a chance to frolic with a Salman Khan, a Hrithik Roshan or a Shah Rukh Khan were it not for the multitude of realty shows which are hitting the television shadow with a certain fury. Such has been its impact that just a Shatrughan Sinha has now decided to throw his hat in the ring with LAUGHTER CHALLENGE-IV. The quotient of proximity and the chance to piece the screen space with the stars of the dreams is what makes the viewers spend thousands impacting the numbers to get the line through as also souring their fingers by bombarding the web sites with series of messages.

A eyewitness can never get a chance to even see Salman Khan or a Hrithik or a Shah Rukh what to talk about dancing and chatting with them. As a ensue almost all the television channels in India are in the business of realty manifestations with a vengeance. The sheer knowledge that participation in these programmes is evenly extension out all along the countryside is indicative about the fact that these shows have emerged as the harbinger of social shift. The participatory creation of these shows has facilitated in diffusing the fossilized social stratifications volunteer in the society in the country. The participation on all India viles has also brought into hand the mofussil constituents of the country, into the limelight, though the spotlight may be for the season tend the player is participating in the exhibit. However, that moment is the moment of glory for that terrain, as also the participant from the region.

Kill the sharing of the celebrity protagonists as the moor in the exhibitions is built up as its USP it also works in other way around as well. These stars are able to interact with their fans from even the far-off difficulties of the country, an occasion provided to them by these realty exhibits, which they otherwise would not bother and they are something paid for it as well. May more such shows bloom on the television..

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