Monday, August 6, 2007

Lollywood modernization: Zibahkhana - Hell’s Ground

Hollywood horror films have a high range of quality in its making. On the other side Asian Films are very rich in their stories and versatile popular characters. Its nice to see that the Pakistani film industry is coming up with the latest technolgy like Hollywood. Now a days a Pakistani film Zibahkhana in latest news for its effective direction and special experimental features. Zibahkhana - Hell’s Ground has been released in two languages: Urdu & English, directed by Omar Ali Khan.

This film is the first modern horror movie in Pak Film Industry which has a lot of strength to attract the viewers who are interested in watching adventurous elements. The movie has the visual aspects of bloodshed and fleshes in all around. The Producer Pete Tombs already has a higher peak of fame for his horror writings and film producing. His famous book Mondo Macabro is well known for the series of tremendous thunderstorm incidents and achieved a great success.

Zibahkhana is the story about some Pak youngsters who decided to go in watching a Rock Concert skipping from their school. They are worried for being late to the concert without knowing a mysterious disease is plaguing the capital and people are protesting from it.They are absolutely unconcerned about the darkening world around them. Unfortunately, they have lost their paths and arrived among the bloodthirsty zombies & backwoods killer.

This is Pakistan’s first gore film which had been shown in New York Asian Film Festival on july 3 at the IFC Center. New York-area fans of Asian film, horror movies, and guerilla independent productions will not want to miss this one. Its just only 90 minutes movie with english sub title.

Watch Trailer of Zibahkhana

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