Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Monica Bedi: Calling Bollywood Again

monica bedi, jail, passportMonica Bedi is known as ex-girlfriend of Underworld Don Abu Salem and a bollywood actress. She is in news for her legal battles from many years. After her five years imprisonment actress Monica Bedi now released from Chanchalguda jail where her father Prem Kumar Bedi has received her. Now she is very zeal for her come back to Bollywood.

Five years ago actress Monica Bedi had been captured with Don Abu Salem by the Lisbon Police in the case of forgery documents. After a long legal process both are deported to Indian Custody with a promise to Portugal that Abu Salem wouldn’t get the death sentence. Then CBI filed a case of passport forgery in 2006 against Monica Bedi where Monica was discharged due to lack of evidences. Even another case of a fake passport has been continued in Hyderabad court in which she has her name Sana malik. During this Hyderabad court rejected her bail as she failed to show her original passport. Monica said that she lost her passport in Dubai.

Recently Bedi has getting relief to come out from the jail. After a long series of legal sufferings she is in her native village Chabbewal in Hoshiyarpur, is a prosperous town in Punjab with a population of over 5,000 every household here has at least one NRI member. There she met her close relatives and friends. Monica is very happy with her people. She is in busy to plan her future and wants returning to the films. But first she went to Gurudwara of Haria Belan saying thanks to God and got a Sropa. During whole the time she covered a dupatta on her head. She appeared in her Punjabi girl looks. Some freshness was shinning in her face with a smile of freedom. Monica said that she has getting many offers to do roles in Hindi films as well the Telugu film industry. She is doing a Punjabi film also.

Recently, actress Monica Bedi said that few Politicians has met her during her staying in prison where they were trying to join her in their parties. But she was not accepting the proposal of any party because she is not interested in Politics.

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Anonymous said...

For Monica Bedi,

I’ve never seen anyone like you. You are the most idiot, selfish & above all laziest housemate.

Never cook food for yourself (Except once when you & Mr. Rahul Mahajan Start eating without calling anyone), House mates, Never seen you doing any kind of dusting, cleaning etc. (Except washing your own clothes with VANISH)

Sorry for my HARSH Comments but since you just came out of JAIL, and as far as my knowledge one has to do his/her own work inside, you should be much stronger, hardworking then other housemates or you found someone like Rahul Mahajan, Diana Hayden inside who does all work on your behalf.

You are totally FAKE….are you sure you where in Oxford university?

Learn something from Diana Hayden…She and Ashutosh make food and serve to you but you don’t even have manners to wait for them, you start eating without concerning others….. & then you blame them that they don’t eat with you!

Have little respect for yourself and others; otherwise you’ll be nothing more then a mistress of an Underworld Don or a Minister’s son.


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