Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Akshaye goes farming!

Akshaye Khanna always shies away from media. But it’s in front of the same media that the truelove guy admits his love for world. And at the same space he leaves no scope to think of it as any star whim. “I am always been in love with soil and mother universe. That’s how I love to see all the vegetables and fruits at my farm. I see like becoming a farmer and that image makes me just happy and excited. There is nothing else that can gain me happy,” exclaims Akshaye.
It seems Akshaye has thought of a new option for his métier. But you must be thinking it’s high tide in his line in Bollywood and his films are doing quite fount at the box office, too.Then why does he need to look for another option?
But at the uniform time we must not forget one thing. We are talking about Bollywood and career in this assiduousness always means ride on roller coaster with steep curves at every interval. So, it’s always better to think of options. Besides, it’s Akshaye’s trade and he must have the independence of changing it at any given space.
But for the time being we would peerless relish to say that farming, in our nation, is not a real career alternative. Every now and then we hold news of farmers killing themselves out of frustration. Should Akshaye still think of farming with same careerist’s approach!!

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