Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Salman will paint for Drona

After the patch up with Abhishek Bachchan, the next step salman took was to paint one of the posters from Drona. During the long conversation in the vanity van they started with general topics salman then asked abhishek about his forth coming movies and also made a point to ask about Amitabh-Abhshek’s unforgettable world tour. Then the chatting went on and on, as they got over with the awkwardness between them. Abhishek began to show him his next release i.e. Dronna’s promos on his laptop and some posters. They were also discussing the passion for painting that Salman has, this gave a sudden idea that he would want to paint a poster of Abhishek in Drona.

This was very exciting for Abhishek too and both selected and decided the poster for Salman to paint. This also proves that now the cold war between the two has finally come to an end. They had a great time together discussing each others life. Yes our Sallu miya has craze for many things from bicycle riding on the streets to the brushes and the canvas, so this time he will try a hand on painting Abhishek’s poster and has promised to gift Abhishek the painting soon.

Written By Huma Warsi

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