Friday, August 15, 2008

C-Kkompany kompany

The movie has been produced by Shobha Kapoor and Tusshar Kapoor and directed by Sachin Yardi. After the success of Golmaal, Tusshar consider’s comedy his forte and is constantly trying his luck with comedy films. This one is an addition to the list.

The story is about three duds, a crime reporter, a retired accountant with a good for nothing son and the last named Lamborder and how in each other’s company they try to find some rest from their messed up life. In a try to escape their problems they play a prank, which leads to the next and then the next and then the string follows. Suddenly they realize they have become the talk of the town. Lets see what happens…

This upcoming laughter riot has the following star cast:
Tusshar Kapoor
Anupam Kher
Rajpal Yadav
Raima Sen
Mithun Chajraborthy

Written By Prachi Mehta


chetanymca said...

thx for d review prachi.i really look 4wd to ur reviews on net cz dey r d only reliable ones here.keep d work going.

Prachi Mehta said...

Thank you Chetan!!

UtesFan89 said...

Can't wait for this movie.

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