Friday, December 21, 2007

Taare Zameen Par: Cloudy Stars

Taare Zameen ParMost awaited movie Taare Zameen Par hopefully is a new way to see the children’ world and give some fresh outlook to understand their problems. Aamir Khan did a great job in everywhere in the film it appears every moment when watching the movie whether it is direction or script writing. He takes his movie as a deep sense and that’s for which Aamir Khan is known in the film industry.

Taare Zameen Par is a story about the kids dreaming and imagination world which doesn’t understand by their elders and nearest. Aamir Khan depicts that the children have their own creative world if they do something strange and unusually things its need an attention by the parents and the teachers. Its about a little eight year old boy Eshaan Awasthi (Darsheel Safary) who has his imagination world filled with kites, fishes, colors and dogs and obviously these things have no space in elders busy life. Parents measures child abilities through his academics results when they don’t getting well, parents admitted him in a boarding school to be a disciplined boy. Poor child couldn’t understand why his parents sent him there so far from his mother and he feels sadness and loneliness in the class. One day a man Ram Shankar Nikumbh (Aamir Khan), comes in his life as his new art teacher. Shankar Nikumbh has a different view to tackle the children and this is a character who gives the aspect that every child is special. He finds Eshaan most unhappy child in the class and very lonely.

As a teacher Nikumbh removes cloudy layers from over a shinning star and try to read Eshaan internal troubles. Definitely Aamir Khan works hard to act the child artists like Darsheel Safary and others consequently Darsheel did an outstanding performance in the film as a complicated child. In the role of his parents actress Tisca Chopra as his mother and Vipin Sharma as the father are doing very well both seem as the true parents by the characters.

Tisca Chopra if you don’t have remember her few years back she came as an actress in the film ‘Platform’ with Ajay Devgan and now she is again before us. Aamir himself has acted a sensitive character in the form of Art teacher, he raised it like a perfectionist.

Amol gupte was the script writer and the director of the film but Aamir Khan wasn’t satisfied with Amol Gupte’s work finally Aamir decided to cultivate it himself. So nicely I think Aamir took a right decision otherwise people lost a chance to watch an excellent movie. Every year Aamir Khan bring a different magic for us and now this year he has Taare Zameen Par only released movie.

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This movie pickups the problems of children’ world and give some fresh outlook to understand.

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