Friday, December 21, 2007

Vogue India: Stirred by Gauri Khan

Gauri KhanBollywood king Shahrukh Khan surrounded ever in big news whether it is his films or his personal life. Here latest news that’s about King Khan’s dearest wife Gauri Khan who is now showing at Vogue India cover page in its January, 2008 edition. The Editor of Vogue India interprets this model girl as a True Voguette who offers delightful peeks into her life, her wardrobe and her man.

The pretty mother of two Gauri Khan always seeing with her hubby but at this time she impressively comes at the Vogue India’s cover page in red strapless low cut outfit in this really she is looking stunning. About the matter Gauri told that she hatreds wearing tight and revealing clothes but this doesn’t stop her performing on the cover page. So cover girl is coming in her other look and making too attractive the Vogue India.

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sushilsingh said...

King Khaan of The Bollywood
Sharukh Khan, the NO 1 hero and actor in the Bollywood today, was born on 2 Nov 1965 in New Delhi.
The debut of the Khan in to the Bollywood was a phenomena. He had no godfather, no love story for him to begin with

but quite amazingly a negative characterisation which he had to check himself with. Might be - who knows he opted

for that but what an exhibition of a skill! It's not just one skill he actually posessed - but an ocean of skills. An all

round capacity and versatility of skills.

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