Thursday, December 27, 2007

Showbiz: Dark side of Fame

Next week Bhatt Brothers bring their new venture called Showbiz and reveals the muddy face of media. It considers by veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt whose brother Mukesh Bhatt produced Showbiz: The dark side of fame. The maker of many sensible films like Arth, Saaransh and Daddy speaks about his brother’s forthcoming movie and believes that media has a fresh face in a muddy mug; it doesn’t as it appeals to the people. Media as corrupt as we all man are corrupt from their heart. Coming movie shows what media in its real is and how it can make a common dreaming person a high peak star in a whole night and itself dealing in high power hands.
Showbiz is a debut of Tushar Jalota (son of the Bhajan singer Anup Jalota) with the actress Mrinalini Sharma (Apnapan fame) and Gulshan Grover. In Showbiz a story about a lad Rohan (Tushar Jalota) who comes from a small town to his dream city Mumbai with a great desire to become a superstar. He participates in a musical reality concert and wins it and tastes success first time. Then media takes him in its immediate hands and makes him a popular star.

The film exposes how a man becomes a popular star in a short time through the media. He has everything such as a dream career and pretty girlfriend which a man wants to fulfill his prosperous life. But coins have two faces which reflect life both of side that’s not so much comfortable as it appeared. Showbiz is directed by famous choreographer Raju Khan and music composed by Lalit Pandit.

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