Saturday, July 21, 2007

Sonu Nigam faces casting couch in Bollywood

Again the ghost of casting couch in Bollywood is come out from the bottle but this time charges are made by a male and the star singer Sonu Nigam against Subhash K Jha, who is a very famous Journalist and Media person in Bollywood.

Those days are gone when newcomer girls face this casting couch because many Gays in this industry ruling like Karan Johar and Suresh Menon.

The war between Sonu Nigam and Jha came out in the public when Jha started writing against the singer very often in various leading newspapers. Sonu Nigam said in an interview with the news channel that he received many sms of Subhash K Jha for sexual motives.

Sonu Nigam says "There was a time when women were under constant sexual subjugation but now it’s the turn of the men to bear the brunt." Sonu Nigam is busy in the USA regarding some shows. According to him he is receiving threatening calls to kill him when he returns to Mumbai.

Journalist Subhash K Jha said that he will go to court and file a case against the Sonu Nigam. But frankly speaking I think this Subhash K Jha is a Gay and this can be prove by his girlish behavior and the way he talks :D

After Sonu Nigams allegations, a chain reaction has started in the Bollywood and many models and actors accept that once in his career they faced such incidents. Like Aryan Vaid also got such offers in Page 3 parties and sometimes from big bollywood directors.

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