Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Husband Snatching: Shilpa Shetty's new profession

shilpa shetty, shilpa, bollywood, actressIt seems Actress Shilpa Shetty has a destination surrounding by the rumors, because after getting the honor of Doctorate she comes in another news for the allegations of a NRI producer’s wife Kavita Kundra.

Kavita Kundra is the wife of a Britain based Indian film Producer Raj Kundra. Kavita claims actress Shilpa Shetty to break up her home and snatching her husband. Kavita charged these claims on Shilpa after a catching sight both of them in a shopping complex. Kavita told the media that after winning The Celebrity BIG BROTHER game show Shilpa has become a great personality in all over Europe. She has been looking here as a Cultural Icon from the whole Indian community.

According to Kavita the relationship between Raj and Shilpa go ahead during a Mumbai tour of her husband. Kavita says after returning home Raj changed and behaved strangely. At that time Kavita was staying in her father’s home where she got a message from her husband to never come back home. Now Raj keeps desire for divorce from her. Account of Raj Kundra, Shilpa and Raj is just good friends and there is no affair between them. Shilpa and him have only a commercial relationship because of a Perfume product and his marriage had been ended before a year ago.

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