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Dhoondte Reh Jaoge Hindi movie

Not many are aware that DHOONDTE REH JAOGE was to be produced by Sanjay Khan's daughter Farah Khan initially, with ad film-maker Prahlad Kakkar making his directorial debut. Also, the movie was initially called FLOP .Umesh Shukla, director of DHOONDTE REH JAOGE was, merely the writer of the film then. However, things didn't work out for some reason and Umesh, who was so charged with the script, decided to direct it himself. UTV decided to produce the film eventually
Dhoondte Reh Jaoge, It's a true story which shows the process of how bad films get made in Bollywood DHOONDTE REH JAOGE is a spoof on the film industry. There's a producer (Paresh Rawal), writer plus actor (Johny Lever), superstar going through a rough patch (Sonu Sood), aspiring actress (Soha Ali Khan) and director (Kunal Khemu)

Dhoondte Reh Jaoge is basically meant to be an out and out comedy, of two very different people, who come from absolutely contrasting backgrounds as well. It also portrays the process of how bad films get made in the Bollywood film industry.

Paresh plays this producer who is keen to make a flop film. His film is called 'Sholay Se Lagaan Tak .while Kunal Khemu plays this director called Anand Pawar, who is middle class guy ,and is honest to the core. It is this same honesty that has already cost him five different jobs and now due to the mounting pressure, he is forced to find a way to pay the rent for the chawl room where is he living.

The story is about how thanks to destiny and circumstances, they are forced to become partners and work together to make a film. So the bottom line is how these two varied individuals get together during a crisis situation to devise a solution.
Paresh Rawal, as Raj Chopra, the producer wants to make the film with Sonu Sood , a Superstar named Aryan Kapoor who is very choosy about the kind of roles he does. He finally agrees to work with this producer who has been after him for a while. But when all is not hunky-dory he leaves the project mid-way.. However the producer instead of shelving the film goes ahead and completes the film with the Superstar's look-alikes (also played by Sonu Sood) which leads to hilarious situations. Sonu will be seen in as many as eleven different roles in the film.

In one scene he plays Amitabh Bachchan of Deewar, in another scene he plays Dharam paaji of Sholay,. In one shot he plays Shah Rukh of DDLJ, and then there is also a scene where he plays Sunny of Gadar and finally a shot in which he plays Aamir from Lagaan. So you will see Sonu Sood in these various get-ups. Playing each of these characters was both interesting and challenging for the actor. One of the get-ups that Sonu sood has had to play was a dwarf which was not easy as he had to fold his legs and walk and even maintain a different body-language.

There are bound to be some funny incidents during the shoot of such a funny film, one of such funny incidents was when Soha Ali Khan and Sonu Sood Soha were shooting for a romantic number in the middle of the water in Malaysia, and Soha Ali Khan was wearing chappals in the water, suddenly her chappals came off and were floating in the middle of the water. The whole unit couldn't control their laughter on seeing the chappals in the frame.

Incidentally, Zayed Khan was signed to enact the role that Sonu Sood has eventually portrayed in the film, but Zayed opted out because in the ad issued by UTV in the trade mags, Kunal Khemu's name figured over Zayed's, even after UTV apologised for the mistake Zayed Khan refused to do the film.

The film is slated to be released nationwide on March 6th 2009.

Cast: Paresh Rawal, Soha Ali Khan, Johnny Lever, Kunal Khemu , Sonu Sood (The tall, dark and handsome actor who recently received both critical and commercial acclaim for his brilliant portrayal of Rajkumar Sujamal in the epic Jodhaa Akbar and as Kinng in Singh is Kinng.)

Director Umesh Shukla is making his debut with this film. Umesh has worked with directors like Priyadarshan in the past.

Written By Mallika Sastry

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