Sunday, November 23, 2008


As Rakhi Sawant has always been in the news for everything that she has done, whether good or bad. But this time its something heart breaking as she spills the beans about her break up with Abhishek Awasthi, i.e her boyfriend. she has admitted that with whom she shared 3 years relationship has now come to an end. The fact is Rakhi has helped him to become famous by introducing him to the superhit show NACH BALIYE. After this she said " He was the biggest mistake of my life. I felt like I was a ladderfor him to get work. He used me when it was required. I dont want to take the credit, there have been occasions when I did help him in getting work. Today he's bought his own flat and is staying somewhere in malad. I am not in touch with him." On the other side Abhishek has excuses that he is busy with his daily soap 'Jugni Chali Jalandar' and has no time to take rakhi's calls. Some rumers are that he is dating Shradha Sharma, but he says he is still single. Well single or not, we are sad for the split of the talented couple.
Written By Huma Warsi


sawak said...

So who gonna be Rakhi's dream boy...Probably, Mika??:P

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