Saturday, September 1, 2007

Team India inspired by Chak De India

After defeating in Cricket World Cup our cricket team is searching again a feed back for achieving its new form in England Tour. But the team could nothing do better so team cricket players stirred by a movie Chak De India!

The Manager of Team India Rajiv Shukla told that all the players of the cricket team saw this King Khan starring movie and gained a great fruition. He further said all the players encouraged and learned few lesson about winning a game.

The film is completely based on the game spirit and the best sport movie in Bollywood. The movie draws attention towards the struggles of women hockey team which has a unity in diversity and a frustrated muslim coach who inspired them to win the World Cup. Cricket isn’t only game in India but every sport players can be inspired through Chak De India. In this context Football would be next sport theme for bollywood.

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Kalyan said...

How often we see movie watchers (specially desis) disciplinedly sitting to the last title name on the screen ? Never , This is what I witnessed for the first time that people are reluctant to get up from their seats until they saw last title of the movie Chak De India on big screen.My take on why this is a great film


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