Monday, September 10, 2007

Singer Gayatri Iyer & Alisha Chinoy in item number

Singer Gayatri IyerMelodious singer and beloved wife of Kunal Ganjawala- Gayatri Iyer now will be performed an item number in the forthcoming film Mumbai Salsa. In the film Gaytri will dance for the first time singing by her own song and she isn’t a single artist in the film but as well as pop singer Alisha Chinoy also performed a song for her singing title track.

Mumbai Salsa is the first production venture of the new launched production house ASA Films combined with Vikram Bhatt. Basically ASA a corporate group into steel and coal industry which launch the production banner ASA Films Pvt. Ltd. As the consequences Vikram bhatt decided to make a film himself called Mumbai Salsa.

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In his opinion film is a feel good movie. The film is about a pub/discotheque titled Mumbai Salsa in which varied people come to forget their loneliness. It is a portrayal of dysfunctional metro life and surfacing of the corporate class directed by writer reversed director Manoj Tyagi. So let’s wait and watch the next item numbers sizzled by Gaytri and Alisha, how much attract the viewers.The film will be shoot in Mumbai and Bangkok.

Vikram Bhatt, Manmohan Shetty, Vir Das, Manjiri, Indraneel, Linda Arsenio

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