Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Akshay Khanna: Gandhi - My father

gandhi, akshay khanna, akshay, vinay jainAbout three decades ago Sir Richard Attenborough introduced Gnadhi ji as "Mahatma" which means the "great soul of India" to the World. Upcoming movie "Gandhi - My father" Like its title is not about a national freedom movement but about the relationship of a father and his son. This has a great mixture of Gandhi's political background and his individual life tussle. The Director tried his best to discover a deep wound that Gandhi ji carried in his heart.

That is his feeling and sentiments for his son Hiralal which he could never express to his son. The story tells the truth of his sons attitude and views towards his father. The unlucky son who roaming on the streets like a beggar and searching himself. Sometimes as a rebellion he converts his religion and then Convert back. Until he didnt find his death as a drunkard. Mahatma Gandhi could save the soul of his country but he never change the soul of his own son.

Gandhi - My Father an epic based drama Directed by Firoz Abbas Khan. Films producer is Anil Kapoor Film Company, In this movie Akshay Khanna plays the role of Gandhi's unfortunate son Hiralal and his wife in this movie is Bhumika chawla. Other castes are Shefali shetty and Vinay Jain.

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